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Hardscaping example - stone walkwayWhen it comes to landscaping, there are two major categories. These consist of softscape and hardscape. Read on to learn about the difference between these two categories.

Dirty oven glass window needing to be cleanedAfter using an oven a number of times, or after one big baking marathon, you may find that bits of food and grease will end up visibly littering the glass of the oven window. It may take a bit of work to get the glass spotless, but it can be done, and we can guide you through the process.

Nearly everyone who has decided to use hardwood runs into a question at some point along the way. ‘What direction should the flooring run in?’ We put together some guidelines to use to choose the best direction for your own home.

Clogged dishwasher drainA clogged drain is a common problem when it comes to dishwashers, which should come as no real surprise. Dishwashers have many scraps of food put inside, which can cause a clog over time. Here are tips to help clear your dishwasher drain.

Keeping your food at the correct temperature is important because doing otherwise can result in foodborne illnesses but frozen milk and eggs in your fridge or melted ice cream in your freezer can make it hard to decide what temperature is truly the right one to use.

Shiny Hardwood Floors in a HomeKeeping your hardwood floors looking as good as new isn’t impossible. It might require a little work, but it’s probably not as difficult as you expect.

Washing Machine Cleaning How ToIf you have never cleaned out your washing machine and do not know how, never fear! We have all the tips and tricks you need to get that machine gleaming like the day you bought it.

Painted gutters on a homeIn most cases, painting gutters should not be a problem. Most people have aluminum gutters, which can be painted in any color you like. The process may take some time but will leave you with gutters that are clean, colorful, and much nicer to look at. We’ll go through the steps of painting gutters in this article.

Example of an updated kitchenEveryone wants to live in a comfortable, beautiful home. Sometimes updating an area of the house can give a whole new feel to a room or the entire house. It can be hard to figure out where to start... we're here to help!

Loud furnace making noisesWondering why your furnace is so loud? Actually, there are quite a few potential reasons depending on the type of noise you’re hearing.

Trees in a fieldAn ISA certified arborist has a specified number of experience hours, training and education as pertains to his or her profession. So, what’s involved with obtaining certification through the ISA?

How to get water out of carpetWater and carpet don’t go together well at all. Soaked carpeting is a mess, and it can quickly become a haven for mold and mildew. Find out how you can get water out of carpet quickly and effectively.

Pest Control - Is it Safe?Let’s face it – bugs and other pests have a way of getting into just about any area of the home. Whether you’re dealing with spiders, have noticed a roach or two here and there, or think that you might have mice in your home, it’s important to understand the realities of pest control.

Cleaning carpetMost homes today have carpet. Its soft and warm on your feet, it muffles noise, and it can last for a very long time. However, carpet does need to be maintained in order to look good and prevent it from harboring harmful allergens, dust and even pests. If you’re wondering how often you should clean your carpet, read on to learn everything you need to know.

Small Bathroom Remodeled Want to give that bathroom a facelift, but concerned that the lack of space might limit your choices? There’s good news – while you might not have the same options as a homeowner with a spacious bathroom, there are still plenty of remodeling ideas for small bathrooms. You just need to know a few things first.

Garage Door Opening On Its OwnIf your garage door is opening all by itself, this can be not only frustrating, but dangerous. Find out possible reasons that could be causing it to open on its own.

You have plenty of options when it comes to fencing material. Wood is the traditional choice, certainly, but is it the best?

Deck that needs stainingStaining a deck can help improve its appearance and give you years more use out of it, but you’ll need to know how to prepare it before you stain. What should you do?

House with SidingWhen it comes to choosing the best siding to put on a house, you have quite a few different options, and while they’ll all work to one degree or another, they’re far from being the same.

Getting a chimney cleanedFireplaces, and the chimneys that serve them, require care and maintenance throughout the year. Chimney cleaning is one of the most essential. Find out how often you should have your chimney cleaned.

Basement Floor Ready to finally use that basement for more than just storage and a habitat or spiders? Whether you’re transforming it into a game room, a man cave, a family room or something else, you have a ton of options.

Refrigerator freezing food on low setting If your refrigerator is freezing food even on the lowest setting, you’ve definitely got a problem. Why is it doing that, though?

Door Frame - How to measure for replacement The doors to your home are crucial – they help provide privacy and security, and they also keep out the elements. While doors do weather, and are subject to damage, the door frame is as well.

 If your microwave keeps tripping your circuit breaker, it could be a very frustrating experience. Why does this happen? Read on to find out...

Crack in driveway - repair or replace concrete driveway? Should you repair or replace your home's concreate driveway? Both options have their own pros and cons. Here’s what you should know.

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