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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Art Baker, Owner
Brian Baker, President
Edward Stanley, Sales Manager

Products / Services Provided:

Asphalt Paving
Pavers & Stone
Retaining Walls
Drainage Solutions

Products / Services - Warranties / Guarantees:

Materials and Workmanship one Year Warranty

Chesapeake Paving Inc. Company Profile

Years in Business: Since 1978
Homeowners served (last 10 years): 2,000+
Number of Employees: 10
License Number: Business & Contractors #:2705083228


General Liability
Worker's Compensation

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

Five Star Rated by Home Services Review
Welcome Wagon Member Participant
Manassas Park City Contractors

Company Commentary...

“The Quality of our work and Service speaks for our Reputation. Chesapeake Paving is one of the most trusted and reliable Contractors in Northern Virginia. Our Goal is to leave every customer with a satisfied job.”

Art Baker, Owner

Chesapeake Paving Inc. in Virginia/Metro D.C.

Chesapeake Paving Inc. Reviews

“Chesapeake Paving took up my old drive way and put down a new one. They were punctual, courteous, price was fair and they did a fantastic job...very thorough.”

Jim L.

“We had a new paved driveway installed. Chesapeake came out within 24 hours and gave us an estimate and scheduled the work to be done. We felt that their work was very good and we are happy!”

Phil J.

“We had a double car garage driveway that needed to be dug up and repaved. They came out and were done in four hours. We have nothing but good things to say about them and we would absolutely recommend their company!”

Peter W.

“The owner came out to give us the bid, we liked that they were a family owned company. They removed our old driveway and installed a new paved one. They ran into an unanticipated problem – a very large tree stump, but they removed it and did a great job!”

Dee W.

“Chesapeake repaved our private driveway in our subdivision. We would recommend them! Our neighbors are having them install their new paved driveways too!”

Elaine M.



Chesapeake Paving Inc.

Rated: 5/5

For Details on Pricing, Warranties, Seasonal Offers, etc. call Chesapeake Paving Inc.: 571-267-1733