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Unwanted Pesky Critters or Termites?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Pest Prevention is another way of saying Pest Control. Sometimes even if you have used preventive measures varmint still have a knack for being annoying and invading what you thought was your fortified home. Below are some things to look for when choosing a Pest Control Service and other tips in preventing further critter infestations.
Preventive Maintenance:  Get rid of all wood around your home that is not serving a purpose. Remove all wood debris, and do not store firewood up against you home’s exterior.  Clean gutters and eliminate piles of lumber and/or debris where cockroaches can harbor. Do not allow pet food to sit out over night. Holes or cracks larger than one-quarter of an inch in your home should be stuffed with steel wool and then sealed with caulk or foam. All pests need water.  Repair any leaks or moisture issues in and around your home. The entries that one animal makes can be expanded upon and used by other animals that weren’t previously there.   It is important to eliminate these entries with reliable construction techniques.
Warranties/Guarantees: Look for Termite-Pest Control companies that have “no deductible” on termite repair coverage. Ask the contractor for customer references who have had work performed similar to yours.
Choosing a Contractor: Use a well-known and reputable company who you can always find in the future, or able to easily contact for any reason. You want an established company with an office that you can go to, if you ever need personal contact. Check out the address of the contractor and see how long they have been in the area.
Services: When a pest control company provides service, make sure the service includes work outside and inside every time, (there might be some exceptions to this for occupants that may have a sensitivity to certain indoor treatments).  No shortcuts. Be aware of pest control companies that recommend only “minimum standard treatments”.  We recommend Comprehensive Termite Treatment plans. Once an animal is removed, the technician should perform an inspection to determine the point of entry and identify other potential points of entry, recommending the best method to prevent unwanted lodgers.