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Bathroom and Kitchen Update Ideas

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Example of an updated kitchenEveryone wants to live in a comfortable, beautiful home. Sometimes updating an area of the house can give a whole new feel to a room or the entire house. It can be hard to figure out where to start, though, with so many options available. We’re here to help by giving you some great ideas for updating your bathroom and kitchen.

Incorporate New Lighting

If you have old or insufficient lighting, it can make a room seem darker and smaller than it is. On the other hand, a room with good lighting can lead to an open and welcoming feeling. This is a method of updating that allows for a vast amount of personalization and can incorporate your style.

The simplest way to upgrade lighting is by buying more lamps or wall lights for the bathroom or kitchen. A more in-depth way to do so is by updating any outdated fixtures to install something more modern. The latter option may require an electrician, but it is an uncomplicated procedure if you are handy.

Update Door Handles and Pulls

Having worn out handle knobs or pulls can make a room seem old-fashioned or not taken care of. The good thing is that installing new pulls is simple and there are tons of options out there. Some modern finishes include stainless steel, aged copper, burnished bronze, and brushed nickel. If you’re updating both the kitchen and bathroom, you can go for two styles or try one that fits both for a streamlined look.

Refresh Window Treatments

If you have boring blinds on your windows or very simple curtains, an easy and affordable upgrade is to get new window treatments. This is an area with a lot of design options. You can go for something elegant with sheer white curtains, add a splash of color with a geometric print, or update those blinds to bamboo for a more exotic look. To make the room come together, consider using colors of patterns already present in the room. This will give a refined feel that you and guests will appreciate.

Install Removable Wallpaper

Changing the way your walls look can alter the feeling the room gives off. One option is to install permanent wallpaper in a more modern style. However, something new to try is removable wallpaper. This new type of paper comes in all different colors and designs which look professional once installed. However, because they are removable, any time you want a new look you can have one.

Bathroom Extras

Bathrooms are a room that gets dated quickly. They’re also a room that can get dirty more quickly than other places. As such, updating a few of the ‘extras’ in a bathroom can go a long way toward having a room perceived as clean and comfortable. Changing out the faucets and shower curtain can bring a new feeling to the room, as can switching light fixtures and wallpaper. Choose a few different items that you’d like to find a new look for and bring them together with a theme to modernize your bathroom.

Clean and Paint

If you want an affordable option for updating, a thorough cleaning followed by new paint can be just the trick. A clean room is more appealing to all the senses, and it can inspire you to keep the room that way. Also, changing the wall color can make things stand out more or better complement other facets of the room.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it right. Look for products from companies that offer quality and have good reviews. You may not need all of these changes to update the bathroom and kitchen, but any of them will improve the way the room appears to you and anyone else who visits.