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Can I Paint My Gutters?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Painted gutters on a homeIn most cases, painting gutters should not be a problem. Most people have aluminum gutters, which can be painted in any color you like. The process may take some time but will leave you with gutters that are clean, colorful, and much nicer to look at. We’ll go through the steps of painting gutters in the article below.

Required Materials

  • Paint scraper
  • Water hose
  • Grout sponge
  • Soap and water
  • Oil-based primer
  • Oil-based enamel
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Ladder

Remove Old Paint

If you have gutters that are already installed, you are going to need to remove any paint that is on them before moving to the other steps of painting. The easiest way to do so is by use of a paint scraper. You will want to diligently remove all paint that you can to get the best results in the end.

Clean the Gutters

Yes, you will need to clean the gutters before painting. Any debris or dirt in the gutters will make it harder for the paint to adhere properly, so a good cleaning is a requirement. The best way to do this is with soap and water, along with a grout sponge. Make sure you clean the gutters well and take your time to ensure everything is done correctly.

In addition to cleaning, rinse the gutters after you are done. This is best done by two people, one who is spraying a hose downward on the gutters and a friend who can hold the ladder for stability.

Prime Before Painting

To get a paint job that will last, it is imperative to prime the gutters properly. You should use an oil-based metal primer and follow the directions that come with the product. When choosing a primer, look for indications that the primer is ammonia-free, as ammonia can react with aluminum and cause gas bubbles. After you have applied the primer, allow about 48 hours for it to dry before moving on.

Apply Enamel Coating

While this is not a required part of painting gutters, it can lead to a better result. When the primer has thoroughly dried, you can apply an oil-based enamel. This can be gloss, satin, or flat enamel. However, glass or satin are the best choices as they can help the gutter repel water. Be careful when applying the enamel and smooth out any runs that may happen, so you end up with a smooth surface.

Following the first coat drying, you may also choose to apply a second layer.

Paint Gutters

The best type of paint to use for painting gutters is a latex or acrylic paint. You may want to speak with a sales associate at the store you visit to decide which is best for your needs. You may also want to consider the color of your home and how the paint will complement

After both primer and enamel have been applied and have been given time to dry, you may now start with the actual painting. Be sure to get your equipment ready before you start so you are completely ready to go. Between each coat of paint, be sure you give it time to dry. You will also want to clean up any runs, just as you did with the enamel coating. This will give you the best-looking finish when all is said and done.

Once you’ve finished up with the last coat, you are all done. Make sure to give it ample time to dry, and you can use your gutters as normal. The painting, if done this way, should last a decent amount of years and give you a look that improves the aesthetics of your entire home.