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Replacing or Installing Flooring

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Flooring is one of the first things someone sees when entering a home. Is your home welcoming to others? Does it make you happy, comfortable, and relaxed? There are many available types of flooring on the market to suite your needs. We’ll give you an idea of what to look for when deciding on whom and how you will replace/install flooring.
Communication: It is very important for the contractor to be attentive to your specific needs.  The contractor should show enthusiasm for your project by suggesting ways to work within a budget and specific concerns you may have.
In Person Estimates:  Be sure that quotes are ‘inclusive’ of the total project costs.  Some flooring companies may provide quotes that do not include elements that are required in order to complete the project. Expect a company’s best price up front.  Some companies may play games with pricing and may not be giving you their best price up front.
See past projects: Communication is key to success on any contracting project, and the more examples of previous work (projects) a contractor can relate to your project, the better indicator of quality of that contractor. Ask the contractor for customer references who have projects similar to yours, especially in the case of major projects.
Material to be used: All products are not the same.  Be sure to understand performance differences of products and be sure to pursue value and not just the lowest price. Flooring is remodeling.  Understand that a project that is properly installed may create a temporary inconvenience in your house. A contractor should be able to tell you what products and materials he would likely use for your project.  He should also offer you several options (when applicable) when selecting products, materials and techniques. Be sure to view samples in as large a size as possible, and under a variety of lighting conditions in your home.  This will help you make the best color choice.
Warranties/Insurance: Get all guarantees, warranties and promises in writing. Don’t assume that just because your house was built “up to code” that there will not be problems that have to be corrected before new floor coverings can be installed.
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