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Do You Have A Firm Foundation?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

When it comes to your home, a strong foundation means everything. Whether you are beginning new construction on a home or repairing current foundation there are some things to look into prior to hiring a quality Foundation Repair/Installation Company.
Designs: Several methods can be used in solving a failing foundation.  These methods may include, but are not limited to: Foundation Pier Systems, Wall Anchor Systems, Advanced Carbon Fiber Technology, Slab Piers, and Urethane Injection.
Warranties/Insurance:  Require that any company representative consulting with you on your job, service or project, completely understand every detail about their product and services, product features and benefits, installation specifications, warranty information and the like.
Signs of problems: Leaking and failing foundations will devalue your home.  If your home shows signs of cracking, settling or leaking, your best course of action will be to repair the foundation to protect and insure the value of your home. Signs of foundation repair that you may notice will include, but not be limited to, vertical and horizontal cracks in foundation walls.  Sheetrock cracks typically emanating out of doors and windows, floors unleveled, windows and/or doors sticking, cracks in exterior brick veneer, settled or uneven basement floors, garage slabs or slab homes.
Selling your home? All foundation repair, moisture and waterproofing problems should be addressed before selling a home.  These issues must be addressed and if left unresolved, they can severely limit the ability to sell the home.  In most cases, these problems can be fixed with a transferable life of the structure warranty for a fraction of what a potential buyer would discount your asking price, if you get an offer at all.
Maintenance: It is important to maintain consistent and constant moisture control around the perimeter of your home. Proper drainage of excess water should be sloped away from the residence to prevent pooling or ponding. Trees and large shrubs planted to close to the edge of the house can cause excessive roots to impact the performance of the residence.  If you know of plumbing and/or sewer leaks under the foundation, they should be repaired to avoid foundation issues.
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