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Garage Door Repairs & Installation

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Garage doors are generally the primary entryway into our homes. Whether you’re looking to replace or repair you current garage door, we can help you with some suggestions to finding and choosing the right contractor!
Designs: A contractor should be able to tell you what products and materials he would likely use for your project.  He should also offer you several options (when applicable) when selecting products, materials and techniques. Your garage door is your biggest moving object in your home and provides security to your family, so ask about remote control and automation options. Garage door components and products can vary greatly and are not the same.  Be sure to understand performance differences of various options and look for value and not just the lowest price.
Past Projects: Ask the contractor for customer references who have projects similar to yours, especially in the case of replacing your old garage doors with new ones.
Quotes/Warranties/Insurance:  Look for garage door repair companies that have professional and certified technicians. There are many pretenders in this service category and many that work out of their own garage. Be sure that quotes are ‘inclusive’ of the total project costs.  Some garage door repair and installation companies may provide quotes that do not include aspects that are required in order to complete the project.
Safety & Precautions: Don’t allow non-professionals to work on garage door springs.  This can often lead to serious injuries, (lost fingers, or lawsuits). Do not help contractors or their workers and do not lend them your tools.  If a worker is hurt while you are assisting (e.g., holding a ladder) or is hurt using one of your tools, you may be liable via a ‘tort claim’ by the worker or contractor. Get all guarantees, warranties, and promises in writing. Protect your home and valuables by locking up or securing all valuables and always monitor workers in your home while they perform work.
Communication: Articulation is the key to success on any contracting project and the more examples of previous work (projects) a contractor can relate to your project, the better indicator of quality of that contractor.  The contractor should show enthusiasm for your project by suggesting ways to work within a budget and specific concerns you may have.
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