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Are You In Need of Handyman Services?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Not everyone has a live in Tim from “Home Improvement”. Handyman can help with virtually any small projects around the home involved with basic construction type work. From small to medium sized jobs including typical things like wood rot repair, painting, drywall repair, plaster repair, trim carpentry, doors hung or repaired, windows installed or repaired, weather stripping, hardwood floor repair, picture hanging, locksets, masonry, etc. Below are some suggestions when looking to hire a Handyman.
Finding your Handyman: Hiring on price alone is one of the biggest mistakes when hiring a handyman service.  Many contractors may give you a low quote, but may frequently request more money for change orders.  The cost to do a job is basically the same.  The difference in quotes or pricing is the degree of quality performed, warranty protection and the scope of work completed.  If you hire a contractor with a low quote, your project may be poorly constructed or result in a project half completed, and even the possibility of the contractor leaving the job and disappearing with your money.
Communication: Know what you like.  Your handyman contractor is your construction expert.  The best repairs and renovations involve a synergistic relationship with the homeowner selecting materials, finishes and the like and the contractor ensuring the proper installation/construction of all items.  Ask the contractor for customer references who have had work performed similar to yours. Communication is the key to success on any handyman project, and the more examples of previous work (jobs) a contractor can relate to your job, the better indicator of quality of that contractor.
Proposition: Determine the value of your project.  Determining what you can afford to spend on your project at the onset is extremely beneficial to yourself, as well as your contractor.  Budgetary information does not necessarily determine quoted project costs, rather this information is helpful to understand for the design-build or repair process.
Insurance/Guaranties: Get all guarantees, warranties and promises in writing. Always verify workers compensation and liability insurance before contracting with a Handyman services company.