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How Often Should You Replace Carpet in Your Home?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

How often to replace carpet in homeThe length of time that a carpet can last depends on a whole host of factors including quality, usage, and padding. A hallway that is used many times a day may need to be replaced much more often than a bedroom that one or two people walk through limited times in an average day.

Carpet, on average, can last anywhere from five to fifteen years. However, most individuals choose to replace it when there are problems that are evident. We can help you look for these things and determine when to switch out your carpet.


If you have noticed quite a few stains on the carpet, especially those that carpet cleaning can’t alleviate, it may be time to replace your carpet. Of course, if stain remover is sufficient for cleaning the stains, you can keep using the carpet for some time. However, even with stain-resistant carpets, the treatment eventually fades, and staining will happen.

Stains caused by vomit, pet urine, feces, mildew, and mold can usually come up easily if you clean quickly. However, they can absorb into the padding which leads to mildew under the carpet. If these types of stains are adding up, it may be time to replace the carpet itself to avoid any health issues.


Depending on the material, you may find that the carpet develops matting over time. Polyester carpet can be susceptible, as can any old carpet with heavy traffic atop it. If you’ve noticed significant matting to the carpet, considering replacing it with a new carpet that does better with more foot traffic.


As mentioned above, biological substances can cause a buildup of bacteria under the carpet. If this is a common problem, it’s probably time to replace the carpet. Conditions like a flood or other situations that lead to standing water will also result in mold under the carpet. This can be common in basements, where the environment is already damper than typical. You can to be proactive and replace mold before it goes further. You can purchase a mold test kit to check the mold levels in your carpet and decide.


You may or may not require a carpet replacement if you smell an odor coming from it. Strong odors are typical from pet urine or mold. Doing a deep cleaning is a great first step, and if that eliminates the odor, there’s no need to replace the carpet at that time. However, if the smell sticks around after your deep cleaning, it may be time to replace. These odors often aren’t going to go away.


Carpet padding is underneath the carpet, and it acts as a layer that helps keep the carpet comfortable. It can also help with insulating the floor and keeping rooms quiet. Sometimes carpet padding can experience issues that cause the carpet to wrinkle, make strange crinkling sounds, or lie unevenly on the floor. If this is the case, you may need to replace the padding, which is also the time to replace your carpet.


Even if your carpet has none of the problems mentioned, after some time, your carpet may not be the same quality that it was when new. If you have carpet that no longer fits your style, or if it makes you embarrassed around guests, you should consider replacing the carpet.

Another time when replacing may make sense is before selling your home. Having clean, quality new carpet can be appealing to buyers and may lead to a quicker sale or a higher price for your old home. Get in touch with a Five Star Rated flooring company to replace your carpet and get on your way!

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