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How to Clean Windows Like A Pro

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

How to clean windowsWindow washing is one of those things that needs to occur on a regular basis but can seem like such a chore that people put it off. We suggest washing your windows at least twice a year to ensure they work as intended and suffer no problems brought on by the lack of maintenance.

Part of the reason people avoid this chore is because it seems to involve so many different tools and processes. However, the truth is that washing windows can be a simple task…. especially if you choose to clean them as the professionals do.

Required Tools:

  • Squeegee
  • Large bucket
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Handle extension or ladder (if needed)
  • Razor blade

Preparing for Cleaning Windows

First things first, you’ll want to wipe off the window with a microfiber cloth. You will then want to remove the screen, if there is one. Once you’ve done that, you should brush away any dirt that is on the frame or track of the window and screen. If you have grills that make the window appear to have multiple panes, those should also be removed.

After this, fill your bucket with a few inches of water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. You will then want to soak your sponge or scrubber before squeezing out the majority of the water with your hand.

Washing the Windows

You will use the sponge to clean off the entire window. You may come across areas that don’t want to scrub off, which is when you can use the razor blade to scrape them loose. However, if your windows have a special coating or film, do not use the blade unless the manufacturer instructions explain that it is okay.

Once you’ve cleaned off the entire window, clean the edges of the window where the frame hits. This can be a filthy part of the window so be sure to be thorough and spend plenty of time on this section of the cleaning process.

When using the squeegee, keep in mind that it will only work on wet surfaces. If your window is dry in an area you plan to squeegee, use your sponge or scrubber to rewet the area before you continue.

Drying the Windows

Using your second cloth, you can now wipe the frame and the edge of the glass that it butts up against. You will then use the squeegee to dry. Hold the squeegee horizontally and place the rubber edge on the glass at the top of the window. You will then pull it from top to bottom in a smooth motion. Remove the squeegee at this point, wipe off the water, and start a new movement that slightly overlaps the last stroke. You may need to make many strokes to finish.

After that is complete, use your cloth to clean up any drops that remain on the bottom frame. If you can see that spots are still lingering, use a paste of water and a product like Bar Keepers Friend, along with soapy water, to clean the area with spots. Then go ahead and squeegee again as needed.

At this point, you can put your windows back together. Replace the screens and any other parts that are required. You can also clean the screens before doing so if you want to get that over with so you don’t need to worry about it later on.

Cleaning windows does not have to take a ton of time or even a ton of work. Using the tools and products suggested here will make the process much easier, and you may even come to find that window washing is not as avoided as before. If you would rather leave window cleaning to the pros, be sure use our website to select a Five Star Rated window cleaning company in your area.