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How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Wet Carpet After CleaningOnce you have cleaned your carpets, it’s likely you want to be able to use those carpets as soon as possible. There is going to be a period where using your carpets is not suggested, but the actual length can vary based on the climate and the means of cleaning used. We’ll explain how these facets make the length of time vary and how you can make drying quicker and easier each time you do a carpet cleaning.

Time Based on Cleaning Method

The most common type of cleaning method used for carpet is a hot water extraction, which is known by many as steam cleaning. This is the method most large carpet cleaning companies use, as well as carpet manufacturers who maintain stained carpets. This process involved using heated water that is pressurized to remove soil and debris from the carpet. A carpet that is left to dry after this method may take anywhere from six hours up to twelve hours.

Using dry cleaning systems can lead to a shorter drying period. That is because this method uses much less water while still cleaning a carpet. However, this type of cleaning is not as in-depth as steam cleaning will be. You can expect that using this kind of cleaning system will require anywhere from two to four hours of drying.

Experience of Cleaning Person

While this isn’t as important as the cleaning method, the experience of the person doing the cleaning is a factor as well. With steam cleaning, in particular, knowing the right amount of water to use to make the carpet clean while also understanding how to remove most of the excess water is something that requires skill. Someone who is new to the technique may leave the carpet wetter, which will result in a carpet that needs much longer than twelve hours to dry out.

Humidity’s Effect on Drying Time

Being aware of the humidity in the area is another factor that matters. For the carpet water to evaporate, there needs to be air that is drier than the carpet is. If you are somewhere that is humid, this will mean it takes longer for your carpet to get dry. However, the good news is that there are some ways to make drying occur more quickly that can cut down on all of these times.

Tricks for Quick Drying

  • Getting a carpet cleaning more often means there will be less dirt in your carpet, which also means less water is needed. This leads to a quicker dry.
  • Leaving open some of the windows in your home can help speed up drying. You don’t need to open every window, but having two or three open in various parts of the house will make a difference.
  • If it’s a day where opening the windows isn’t the best idea due to the heat, ensure your air conditioner is on. This can also help with drying more quickly.
  • If you are using a professional carpet cleaner, ask them to use a blower to help dry the carpet once the cleaning is complete.
  • Make sure your ceiling fans are on. This will help air circulate which can make the carpet dry faster.

Carpet cleaning can be stressful as you may be required to stay off of the floors for hours after it is finished. However, there are methods to cut this time down. By introducing window air, using the air conditioner, and keeping the ceiling fan running, you can have clean carpets that are dry and ready for use in a quicker time than someone who does not.