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Landscapes and Hardscapes

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Design is the #1 cornerstone for creating a successful landscape project. An excellent landscape design and installation company works from a ‘personal landscape plan’, created for your specific family.  This plan should include specific items related to your family, such as; colors you like, number and age of children and pets, what you are trying to accomplish, your lifestyle habits and most importantly, budget options.
Components: Materials for projects in the landscape industry have changed over recent years.  Not every patio is concrete anymore.  Leyland Cypress's as privacy plantings are not the only option anymore.  New items from tree types, grass varieties, new shrub introductions and hard materials are now far better and more cost efficient for the homeowner.  For example, new paver patios are a great change from the old concrete patios of the past.
Communication: Communications with the company’s office and staff is critical, especially in project based, landscape design and installation.  The company employees should be professional in their appearance, call when running late and follow up swiftly with requests for information.
Planning: There is an order to any project, no matter the size, and it should typically go something like this (a) A landscape plan approved by the family or HOA. (b) permitting (if any), (c) a utility search of the area to be worked on, (d) demo or removal of old landscape or hardscape areas, (e) drainage and soil work, (f) installation of hardscape and large trees, (g) installation of irrigation system, (h) installation of shrubs and small plants, (i) sod installations and landscape lighting to finish.
Maintenance: Drainage is always one of the first items of any project to consider.  Over 95% of all landscape projects have some type of drainage from stone swales to ‘take away’ water.  What’s more, French drains behind walls are not just optional they are required.  Ask your landscaping professional about new water collecting systems, underground cistern systems, rain barrels and wells as these are hot and significant topics to consider because of our recent post drought period.