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Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Want to liven up your outdoor lighting? Using lightening will help to accent and emphasize your home and landscape. With a well thought out lighting scheme, you can achieve beautifully designed outdoor lighting.
Beautify:  Outdoor lighting is a great way to add curb appeal and drama to your home. In years past, outdoor lighting was primarily considered a good way to make your home more secure. Your outdoor lighting contractor can help you design a smart method for placing lighting fixtures- bulbs to highlight specific areas and create beautiful focal points within the outdoor landscape of your home.
Choosing a Contractor: Only do business with a company that offers a warranty of their work for at least one-year minimum. The technician should be drug-free, background screened, for your safety. When required, be sure that the contractor agrees in writing for all work to conform to city, county, and/or state protocols. Be careful when using a company that cannot give you a price upfront before the work starts.
Options: Typically you will want to incorporate Ambient Light, which provides overall illumination, including porch lights and yard lights. Task Lighting is typically comprised of low-voltage lights along sidewalks and paths. Accent Lighting can include spotlights and other forms of special interest lighting to provide more dramatic impact with water features, outdoor art or sculptures. Up lighting is a great way to add some depth and drama for architectural elements, particular landscape features and trees. Up lighting is achieved by placing lights at an angle and lighting objects from below. Backlighting can establish beautiful silhouettes by placing objects of greater interest in front of a lit surface. Rather than directly lighting a statue, shrub or tree, you can angle the light against a fence, pergola or wall behind the object.