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Painting the Inside or Outside of Your Home

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Looking to do minor or major painting on the inside or outside of your home? Removing old paint, priming, and painting can be tiresome and laborious work, but when it's done properly it makes for a job well done. We’ve created some helpful tips for getting the best painter for the job!
Cost:  Some painters request a large upfront payment to cover initial costs.  There is no need to provide upfront money on jobs that will take less than a week to complete.  This type of request or practice may indicate a lack of available credit from suppliers. Watch out for estimates stating ‘number of coats as needed’.   You may pay too much, or not get what you paid for.
Warranties/Guarantee’s: Make sure that all promises are in writing and make sure to compare apples to apples.  Check the quality of the paint proposed to be used, and the number of coats proposed. Use a company that has a good reputation. Check to see how many years they have been in business, performs free estimates, and has competitive pricing.  Low pricing that seems too good to be true is probably just that!
Safety: Do not help contractors or their workers and do not lend them your tools.  If a worker is hurt while you are assisting (e.g., holding a ladder) or is hurt using one of your tools, you may be liable via a ‘tort claim’ by the worker or contractor. Always verify Worker’s Compensation and Liability insurance before contracting with a Painting company whose workers will be working at dangerous heights and positions on your home.
Materials: Insist that the contractor use only top of the line materials and, top quality caulking.  You may want to verify the quality of materials with the paint manufacturer. Make sure the proper ‘prep work’ is done to surfaces to be painted.  Good ‘prep work’ will result in a longer lasting paint job. Make sure that all wood repairs are done with rot-resistant materials, such as Marley, Azek, etc. Make sure if you are changing the exterior colors of your home, that you have the second coat price, prior to starting the job. Get everything in writing with specifics listed for; prep, type of paint, line of paint (brand), number of coats, warranty, and type of caulking.