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Looking To Do To Minor or Major Remodeling?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Remodeling your kitchen, bath, or any part of your home should not be painful.  In fact, it should be something that you will look forward to doing.  Whether you require a complete start-to-finish build or already have plans, a remodeling contractor can help you achieve your home remodeling dreams.
Materials: Require that any representative consulting with you on your project completely understand every nuance about their products and services, product features and benefits, installation specifications, warranty information and the like.  This will be of value in identifying potential issues before any work is started. Hiring on price alone is one of the biggest mistakes.  Many contractors may give you a low quote, but may continually request more money for change orders.  The difference in quotes is craftsmanship quality, grade of materials, warranty and scope of work.  If you go with the lowest quote, your project may be poorly constructed or may result in a unfinished project. A small deposit is reasonable for ‘custom order materials’, such as custom sized windows as they will only work in each individual home and ensures a commitment to the contractor that you will complete the project and that the contractor will not be left with a warehouse full of custom materials.
Past Projects: Ask for current references and see how long it takes for your contractor to supply this information.  A contractor who is confident and proud of their work will have this information readily available.
Quotes/Warranties/Insurance:  Always hire remodelers that have all of their insurances, workers compensation and performance bonds.  Request written proof and call their insurance company to verify the validity. Always hire a remodeler that you can communicate with and has a permanent office address.  You want an established company with an office you can go to if you ever need personal contact.  Check out the address and how long they have been in the area.
Communication: Have all parties that will be involved or have an interest in the project (spouses, parents, etc.) at the initial consultations and then once the decision is made, determine the key contact person with whom the contractor will communicate.  This will make the project run so much more smoothly.