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Looking to Repair or Replace your Roof?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Whether you’ve had fire, water, wind or hail damage or your roof is old and worn, there are some things to consider when looking for a Roofing Contractor or Company. You want to make sure you get a highly skilled and well-trained roofer. By doing a little research you getting the right guy for the job you can protect your investment with a reliable roof.
Cost:  When comparing proposals from various contractors, make sure the offerings (scope of work) are the same (an apples to apples comparison).
Warranties/Guarantee’s: Many roofing contractors are known to abandon their customers when the contractor delivers poor quality, and results in an inordinate amount of callbacks for corrections.  Be sure to find a well-established roofer to avoid this problem.   The best thing a homeowner can do is to visit the office of the contractor they are going to do business with.  Every roofing company is different, offering a different level of value, service, and quality of workmanship. Only contract with roofing contractors that have all of the proper insurance, (general liability and other applicable business insurance).  Request written proof and call their insurance company to verify the validity. Get all guarantees, warranties and promises in writing.
Weather Issues/Safety: Weather is a factor when replacing your roof.  Ask the contractor before he approaches the tear off of your roof, what their plans are if stormy weather could approach in the middle of the removal or installation of your roof. Try to minimize roof traffic, especially where other contractors are concerned.  Often, other contractors may damage roofs while working on them.  For example, do not allow a cleaning contractor to use any type of bracing on pitched roofs where they might ‘nail’ into your roof, therefore compromise your roof with a puncture through the protective roofing barrier. Roof ventilation is critical.  Pay attention to proper ventilation, as it can be just as important to the overall life of your roof as the materials.
Materials: Only use roofing contractors that use reputable materials by name-brand manufacturers with extended “iron-clad” warranties. Before paying any contractor, get a material and labor lien waiver. This will protect you against a contractor’s suppliers, and worker’s from coming to you for payment, that a contractor has failed to make to them.  Without this lien waiver, you may end up paying for your roof twice.
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