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Sprinkler and Drainage Installation & Repair

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Are you sick of dragging your hose and portable sprinkler around on your grass? Making sure to get to every corner of the yard? If your thinking about having sprinklers installed take a look below at some helpful tips when searching for that right company.
Installation:  Each Sprinkler system for a home should have it’s own unique design that takes into consideration, the size and configuration of your yard, the planting areas, the water pressure, the number of zones required, and the hydraulic calculations to make it all work for your specific home’s conditions. Make sure your Sprinkler system contractor installs a ‘master valve’ on your system to eliminate leaks in the system by taking the water pressure off the mainline when the system is not being used.  This will also eliminate any possibility of the pipes freezing, since there will be little water left in the mainline when the system is not being used.
Guarantees/Parts: Make sure your irrigation contractor uses only the highest quality parts, like waterproof silicon sealed underground rated wire connectors (not tape or regular wire connectors and valves, wireless rain/freeze sensors that shut water off if it rains and freezes (not the wired versions). Be sure that your contractor guarantees that your specific system will cover 100% of the area that you want irrigated.  That means no dry spots and using the correct number of heads and nozzles.
Drainage: Installing a professional drainage system allows you to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden by saving your topsoil.  Topsoil is the upper and outermost layer of soil, and has the highest concentration of fertile organic matter.  This means its presence in your yard is crucial to the successful growth of desired plants and grasses.  One rainstorm that is intensive and floods your yard can wash away large amounts of valuable topsoil.  However, building a drainage system can easily save your topsoil, allowing your lawn and garden to flourish. Installing a professional drainage system will also allow you to save rainwater.  Stored rainwater has many great uses and your cost savings will really add up over time.  Just a few uses of stored rainwater include using it to; water your garden, wash your car, mop your floors, flush your toilets, and to fill your sprinkler system.
Preventative Measures: Water can be the biggest enemy to the soundness of the foundation of your home.   A drainage system will help to ‘re-direct’ water away from your home so soil erosion and water intrusion are minimized.