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Why Are There So Many Spiders in My House?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

A spider inside a homeIf you are seeing spiders everywhere in your home, you are probably wondering if you should just pack up and move! No one likes to see their home covered in cobwebs, and waking up to the sight of an eight-legged creepy crawly on the wall is never fun. There are several reasons why you might be seeing spiders in your home. In fact, there are some reasons that your home could be the most attractive spot for spiders on your whole block! Here’s what you need to know to keep your home spider-free:

Reason Number 1: The Season

Unfortunately, you may be seeing spiders because it’s just “that time of year”. Most of us live with spiders in our walls, ceilings, under the floors, and in crawlspaces, without even realizing it. When we start seeing a lot of spiders, it’s not because they’ve just moved in – it’s because they’ve just shown themselves. During the fall, especially, you’ll see more spiders because this is when they come out to mate and reproduce.

There’s not much you can do about this reason, other than to use this time to get rid of as many spiders as you can before they lay eggs. But it is good to know that during the fall, you can expect to see many more.

Reason Number 2: Your Home Isn’t Secure

If your home has places where spiders can come inside, you can bet that they will. Our homes are great environments for spiders. They need controlled climates, dark spaces, and food – all of which can be found in our houses. If you leave your windows or doors open to get some fresh air, spiders can come in through these openings. But less obvious issues include cracks in the foundation, tears in window screens, or improperly-sealed doorways and window frames.

For this problem, you’ll need to seal up cracks with caulking, or put weather stripping around windows and doors. Patch or replace damaged window screens, and install screens on windows that you routinely leave open. This will help cut down on how many spiders get in, but remember that you can’t control every single opening in your house. For example, a chimney is a good place for spiders to get inside.

Reason Number 3: Plants Near the House

If you have plants right against the exterior walls of the house, you have a much greater chance of having spiders getting inside. Whether you have a neat row of shrubs decorating your home, or you have ivy growing up alongside your older home, these are great places for spiders to hide, and then eventually make their way inside. Trees with branches that come close to the house are also a good path for spiders. The problem here is that the vegetation is a good place for spiders to breed, and the more eggs that hatch in these areas, the more spiders there are right near your house to get inside.

The best way to solve this problem is to keep vegetation away from the exterior walls if you can. Remove ivy that grows up along the house, keep tree branches pruned back, and plant your curb-appeal-boosting plants a bit further away. You can also keep up with professional pest control to keep the spider population down in the garden, which reduces how many get into the house.

Reason Number 4: Your Home Has Food

Spiders eat other insects. If your home has other pest problems, like ants, termites, flies, and other insects, then you are more likely to see more spiders inside the home. If this could be the problem, you likely need to eliminate the food source before you can do much about the spiders. Bring in the pest control and get rid of the insect problem as soon as you can. Once spiders aren’t finding as much food in the home, they’ll be forced to move on to find things to eat. They also won’t be able to reproduce as much, which will eliminate how many spiders are in your house over time.

Reason Number 5: Cobwebs Are Everywhere

If you don’t remove cobwebs from the ceiling, ceiling fans, porch, or other areas of your home, you are simply inviting spiders to hang out. Vacuuming and sweeping away cobwebs is one of the most effective ways to convince spiders to go elsewhere. They’ll want to build their webs where the web will be safe. You also eliminate egg sacs when you do this, so don’t let cobwebs linger.

Making your home less inviting to spiders through regular cleaning and professional pest control is the best way to cut down on how many you see in your home. But if it’s fall, prepare yourself to see a few more than usual.