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Are you in need of window cleaning?

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

If you’re like most homeowners, cleaning windows is a tedious and exhausting job. It can be time consuming and often difficult or dangerous to do. It usually involves hanging out of windows, climbing ladders, and then after hours of work, you might still have streaks and smears. Below are some ideas on finding the right window cleaning company for you!
Quotes/Warranties/Insurance:  Always make sure any professional you hire is insured and licensed.  This is especially important for window cleaning companies, since the workers will be working in tough to reach areas of your home.  Insurance certificates can be requested, and now it is common for the insurance agent to directly fax or e-mail the proof directly to the client. Get a phone estimate or on-site bid.  For a home with standard windows, a phone estimate can provide you with a reasonable estimate of what the job will cost.  For more complex jobs, the company should provide an on-site bid. The idea is to eliminate surprises after the job is completed.
Up Keep & Routine Cleaning: Professionals clean without leaving streaks or residue behind, and have a trained eye for faulty windows.  Hiring a professional also results in saving you time. For interior cleaning, we recommend cleaning at least once a year, unless you smoke in your home, or have children and small pets.  If you smoke or have small children and/or pets, we recommend interior cleaning 2 to 3 times per year.
References & Past Projects: Ask the contractor for customer references who have had work performed similar to yours.
Safety: Do not help contractors or their workers and do not lend them your tools.  If a worker is hurt while you are assisting (e.g., holding a ladder) or is hurt using one of your tools, you may be liable via a ‘tort claim’ by the worker or contractor.
Communication: Conduct a walk-through of the scheduled work prior to start with the professional.  It is easy to miss basement windows or top-floor nooks that might have been omitted from an estimate.  It is also important to identify and note any previous damage to windows or screens. Upon job completions, it is a good practice to walk through again to ensure job satisfaction.