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Window Replacement and Installation

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Window installation as a key part of the window replacement process. Even the highest quality windows might not perform 100% if they are not installed correctly. When installing windows in homes there are all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles.  Here are some suggestions to getting the best service available when upgrading or replacing current windows in your home.
Materials: Energy efficient windows have become easier than ever. Manufacturers mark their replacement windows with a U-factor, a measure of a window's ability to conduct heat. The U-factor is the reverse of the R-value, which is a measure of insulating ability. The lower the U-factor or the higher the R-value, the better a window can keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Require that any representative consulting with you, completely understand their products and services.
Past Projects: It is a good idea to ask the window replacement company to give you a list of at least 3 or 4 recent jobs that they have done, so you can see first hand what the finished job looks like.
Quotes/Warranties/Insurance:  For window replacement contracts, do not make large down payments, as this may indicate that the window replacement company has credit issues and may be trying to use your money to finance the purchase of your windows from their manufacturer suppliers. A small deposit is reasonable for ‘custom order materials’, such as custom sized windows as they will only work in each individual home and ensures a commitment to the contractor that you will complete the project and that the contractor will not be left with a warehouse full of custom materials. Be sure that quotes are ‘inclusive’ of the total project costs.  Some companies may provide quotes that do not include aspects that are required in order to complete the project.