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Winter Cleaning Checklist

By Carrie Dixon, Blog Editor

Home during WinterFor most of us, winter means being inside a lot more often...which means a lot more time spent getting the home a bit messier than usual. With guests visiting for holidays and your health always being attacked by winter germs, keeping your space clean in the winter is important. Spring cleaning is something that many wait around for, but with just a few changes to your routine, you can keep your home clean all winter long. This checklist will help you maintain your fresh space without forcing you to spend all your spare time scrubbing the place.

Pay Extra Attention to Sanitization

If you do nothing else for your winter cleaning, be sure to pay attention to areas where germs like to gather. The winter is often flu season for many countries, and that means that you need to be extra careful with sanitizing your home so you don’t get sick. So if you only plan to use one winter cleaning check list, make it this one to keep your family safe. On a regular basis, you should:

  • Wipe down door knobs
  • Wipe down light switches
  • Wipe down bathroom and kitchen counters
  • Clean sinks
  • Vacuum floors
  • Wash and disinfect your garbage cans

Other Cleaning Checklists for Winter

That sounds like a lot, but these are the places where germs gather the most! In addition to doing that regularly, you should also do these things at least a few times during the winter:

  • Dust all the surfaces, edges, and corners in your house.
  • Wash all the floors thoroughly.
  • Wash the air vents and replace filters.
  • Clean the bathtub and toilets.
  • Clean the washer and dryer.
  • Wash the walls and baseboards.
  • Clean your appliances.
  • Clean your ceiling fans.
  • Wash your windows.
  • Disinfect your toilet bowl brush.

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Winter

In addition to doing those things regularly there are also some deep cleaning things that should be done about once a month or so to keep your home fresh in the winter:

  • Deep clean the carpets.
  • Clean underneath and behind major appliances.
  • Vacuum lampshades, curtains, and upholstered furniture.
  • Dust the tops of doors and windowsills.
  • Wash doors.
  • Wash cupboards
  • Clean the chimney.
  • Inspect the furnace and give it any maintenance it needs.
  • Keep tools like snow blowers and snow mobiles in good repair.

This can help you keep your home germ-free. But these are just quick things to add to an established cleaning routine. What if you’re starting from scratch for the winter?

Tips for Making Winter Cleaning Easier

These are some tips for those who don’t already have a cleaning routine in order.

  • Start by establishing a routine. Make sure that you have certain tasks you do every day to keep clutter at bay, such as making the bed in the morning and doing a quick pick up every night to remove dirty laundry or dishes from the surfaces of your home. Try to wash your dishes when you use them, and keep your laundry sorted into baskets for laundry day.
  • Be sure that you have the cleaning products you need on hand. The next time you go to the store, make a list of any cleaning supplies you’ve been out of, like multi-purpose cleaner, dusting cloths, furniture and carpet cleaner, and so on.
  • Assign the larger tasks to certain days of the week. It’s easier to stay motivated if you aren’t doing all that winter cleaning on the same day. Make one day for laundry, one day for cleaning floors, one day for cleaning bathrooms, one day for dusting, and so on. Break up your largest tasks into their own days to make it easier to fit cleaning into your daily schedule.
  • Assign a Deep Clean Day Each Month: In the winter, it is so important to do those deep clean items on the lists above because it helps to reduce the germs in your home and keep you healthier. Try to set aside one day per month during the cold weather to knock out these tasks all at once.
  • Another great thing to do as you clean your home in the winter is to get a head start on those spring cleaning tasks that take so long. Go ahead and start going through your wardrobes, sorting through paperwork, and doing other tasks that you would do in the spring – you’re stuck inside all winter anyway! Then when spring rolls around, you can focus on doing deep cleaning rather than on organizing.

The cold season is a good time to also do things like fix those minor issues that have been ignored around the house and get in your home into excellent condition before the warm months roll around. Follow these tips and use the checklists to keep your home in great shape all winter long.