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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Mark Lehman, Owner

Products / Services Provided:

Artificial Turf; Concrete; Decorative Concrete; Stamped Concrete

Products / Services - Warranties / Guarantees:

Artificial Turf – 3 Year Warranty on Installation
Artificial Turf – 8 Year Warranty on Product
Concrete – 2 Year Warranty on Installation

M&D Enterprises Company Profile

Years in Business: 36
Homeowners served (last 10 years): 700+
Number of Employees: 6


General Liability

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

HBA – Home Builders Association

Company Commentary...

“M&D Enterprises specializes in Concrete, Masonry and Artificial Turf. We are a family owned and operated company established in 1983 as Masonry Experts. We naturally progressed into a full service landscape company. In 2006 we moved to Colorado Springs. Since then, we have been helping homeowners with their concrete and artificial turf needs.”

Mark Lehman, Owner

M&D Enterprises in Colorado Springs

M&D Enterprises Reviews

“M&D Enterprises worked on my concrete. They are a great company and did a great job.”




M&D Enterprises
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For Details on Pricing, Warranties, Seasonal Offers, etc. call M&D Enterprises: 719-247-2250