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We are here to help when you need a local contractor but you don't have the time or patience to try to find the best Arborist & Tree Service companies in the Houston area. Relax. We've done the research for you. We save Houston area homeowners time by conducting thousands of due diligence home contractor surveys and interviews with homeowners. Only Arborist & Tree Service companies that “earn” a Five Star Rating through exceptional service and work performance are listed above. Our stringent selection process ensures you'll be working with the best Arborist & Tree Service contractors that provide top quality service to the Houston area.

Services & Products Provided:

Trees services including tree removal, tree doctoring, tree root invigoration (especially during drought periods), tree trimming and tree care consulting.

Complementary Services & Products:

Tree consulting from a ‘certified arborist’ or an accredited tree company.

Number One Complaint in the Houston Tree Services Category:

Some tree services companies will remove trees before checking with the local Homeowners Association to see if it is allowed, thereby causing problems (sometimes  fines) for the homeowner.

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How to Determine When Professional Tree Removal is Needed

No homeowner ever wants to remove the trees around their house. Tall old trees give a house character and visual appeal, and can add significantly to a home’s value if they are healthy and well maintained.

However, like anything else, trees can become unhealthy and unstable over time, and then need to be removed. Although cutting down a tree or two may not be ideal for your Houston area home's aesthetics, doing so can prevent damage to your home or stop diseases from spreading to other trees on your property. If you're wondering if any of the trees on your property are in need of removal, the simple guide below will help you know what to look for.

Fall Hazards
A tree doesn't necessarily need to be old or unhealthy to pose a threat to your home. In fact, the most common reason that trees are removed is that they have grown crooked, or begun to lean due to soft ground, and so pose a threat to fall on your house. When this is the case, it is critical to call a tree removal service to safely remove the tree as soon as possible, because it's impossible to predict when it might fall—and if it does, the cost of repairing the damage can be extraordinary. A professional tree removal service company will have the equipment to bring down the tree in a controlled way, in which it poses no threat to your home.

Stopping Younger Growth
Many landscapers will advise removing tall, mature trees when their size is preventing younger, smaller trees and plants from growing. For example, a tree with a particularly broad or thick canopy could make it impossible for smaller trees to grow by blocking sunlight and interfering with their younger root systems. In those cases, the tree might have to come down to free up your landscaping options, and to maintain the overall health of your yard.

Sick Trees
Sick trees are a double-edged threat to your landscape. First, many illnesses that afflict trees can weaken their roots and trunks, making them more likely to fall. If eventually the tree dies, it will rot, and at that point, it is only matter of time before it falls, which can be dangerous to both your property and your family.

Along with fall hazards posed by sick trees, they can also communicate their illnesses to other trees on your or your neighbors' properties. As a result, the best policy is one of strict and immediate quarantine. Any trees showing signs of sickness such as wilting during spring or summer, or major discoloration along the trunk, should be felled and completely removed from your property. After removal, carefully monitor other trees of the same species, as they may have already been infected.

While it is certainly understandable why homeowners would prefer not to remove trees, sometimes there is simply no other choice. Making a prudent, timely decision to remove a troublesome tree can do wonders for the long-term health and safety of your landscape.

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