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We are here to help when you need a local contractor but you don't have the time or patience to try to find the best Flooring companies in the Maryland/Metro D.C. area. Relax. We've done the research for you. We save Maryland/Metro D.C. area homeowners time by conducting thousands of due diligence home contractor surveys and interviews with homeowners. Only Flooring companies that “earn” a Five Star Rating through exceptional service and work performance are listed above. Our stringent selection process ensures you'll be working with the best Flooring contractors that provide top quality service to the Maryland/Metro D.C. area.

Services & Products Provided:

Floor covering products sales and installation. Hardwood flooring, Carpeting, Tile and Vinyl.

Complementary Services & Products:

Hardwood – Traditional, Contemporary, Exotic, Distressed, Wire Brushed, Hand scraped. Carpet – Berber, Saxony, Textured, Frieze, Patterned. Tile – European slate, Traditional Porcelain, Old World Rustic, Natural Stone. Laminate – Laminate wood, Laminate Tile. Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Luxury Vinyl Wood, Sheet Vinyl.

Number One Complaint in the Maryland/Metro D.C. Flooring Contractors (Carpet, Hardwood, Tile Flooring) Category:

Inexperienced installation crews and companies that don’t follow through with their promises.

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Popular Flooring Choices for Your Maryland/DC Area Home

Replacing the flooring in your home is a great way to completely change the look and feel. Even if the furnishings and paint remain the same, a different floor creates a new tone and different acoustics in your room. If you’re looking to add value to your home and make the most difference in a single job, there isn’t a choice better than upgrading your flooring. With so many different choices, it may help to break the options down into two categories, natural and manufactured. Each category has its own pros and cons that you will want to consider before you get started.

Natural Flooring Choices
The most popular natural floor material is wood. Hardwood floors are loved by many homeowners for their durability and beautiful appearance, and a study by USA Today showed that up to 54 percent of home buyers would choose a home with hardwood over a home with carpet. Choosing a dark hardwood can give your home a traditional, formal style while a light wash brings to mind a beach house vacation. Other popular natural wood flooring choices include bamboo, cork, and stone. Natural flooring is easy to care for, and durable, though it may require special maintenance considerations. Wood floor can also become scratched in high traffic areas if it is not sealed regularly. Natural floor can also be the most expensive option.

Manufactured Flooring Choices
Almost every house you’ve ever lived in probably had, at least, one room with carpet. Carpet is the most popular flooring choice for homes across America. It is easy to clean, simple to replace, and cost effective. It stands up to rambunctious families and adds a comfortable feel to your rooms. Another affordable choice that is popular in bathrooms and kitchens is vinyl flooring. Vinyl is a water-resistant material that can be installed over just about any type of flooring and is very shock absorbent. This is great for rooms where delicate dishes may be dropped. Laminate and ceramic tile floors are other choices that feature heavily in modern homes. Manufactured flooring choices are more affordable, and in many ways, more durable. Where they lack the beauty of natural materials, they make up for it with smart designs that work for your life.

Choosing Flooring Based on the Room
Think about which room you are updating when you consider your flooring options. An entryway would look stunning with a hardwood floor, or a look-alike durable laminate. A laundry room should be done in tile or vinyl, to protect against moisture. Bedrooms would be made cozier with the addition of comfortable carpeting, but can also be improved with cushioning cork. The natural ambiance of bamboo and stone turns your bathroom into an oasis. For some rooms, like kitchens and garages, you may even want to consider concrete, for easy clean up. The most popular choices, like carpet and vinyl, are great because they fit into any budget and come in plenty of colors and patterns to suit every style.

Areas Typically Served By Our Maryland/Metro D.C. Flooring Contractors

Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Bowie, Laurel and more.