Five Star Rated

Your independent consumer guide that rates and recommends the best home service companies.

We help connect families with quality home service providers in your neighborhood

Five Star Rated is different from the average home services guide. We do the research for you and focus on the truly important things you need to feel confident in your selection. Then we educate and empower you to choose the best professional for your job. Our digital platform provides a simple and comprehensive solution for finding home services contractors in your local area, and our Five Star Rated guidebook is delivered to your mailbox at no charge to you, bringing the best home service professionals directly into your hands.

Hiring the right professional
can make all the difference in the world

Depend on independent research
We review hundreds of home service providers in neighborhoods across the nation and denote only those that provide consistent, exceptional service as Five Star Rated. Through verification with other trusted, independent review sources, homeowner surveys (phone and email), and Experian Smart Business Reports, we qualify only the best professionals.
Informed research is more dependable than advertising
Depending solely on internet searches, direct mail offers, or Yellow Pages-type advertising for selecting a contractor can be risky — any business can buy advertising space, higher placement in internet search results, or direct mail pieces that sell you on their company. While many companies claim to be "the best," you don't want to realize it's not true after the fact. With Five Star Rated, you can feel confident that you're selecting from the best of the best.
Don’t be fooled by claims from other referral services
Some popular review or referral websites regularly list several hundred "A-Rated" or "5-Star Rated" companies in a single service category. It's wise to question when 80 percent or more of the listed companies in just one category can achieve an "A" or 5 stars. We recommend no more than five companies within any service category, ensuring a curated user experience.
Depend on a process you can trust
While there is no such thing as a perfect business — after all, people run businesses and can have a bad day and make an occasional mistake — we look for companies that measure up to a higher standard above the rest through consistent, stellar performance in their work and service for homeowners. Only those companies that pass our due diligence and review process are invited to participate in the Five Star Rated Program. Participation is voluntary, and the company pays a nominal fee for publication and circulation of the guidebook.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

You want to protect the investment you’ve made in your home. Relax in the knowledge that your project will be taken care of by Five Star Rated professionals – guaranteed.
About GuildQuality
Our sister company GuildQuality is the building and home improvement industry’s leader in third-party customer satisfaction surveying. GuildQuality conducts extensive consumer satisfaction research to review home service providers, and we use the data collected to provide testimonials and objective, third-party ratings of companies in dozens of categories.
About EverCommerce
Our parent company, EverCommerce, is the nation’s leading service commerce platform, supporting the success of B2B technology and service companies as well as the tens of thousands of home improvement businesses they serve across the country.