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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Chris Mitchell, Owner
Laura Mitchell, Owner

Products / Services Provided:

Residential & Commercial Pest Control
Organic Pest Control (STINGER EcoGreen)
Termite Treatments & Warranty (Liquid & Baiting)
Mosquito Control Program (Traditional & EcoGreen Products)
Rodent & Exclusion Services (Lifetime Warranty)
Wildlife Management

Products / Services - Warranties / Guarantees:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
1 Million dollar Repair & Retreat Termite
Lifetime Warranty on Rodent Exclusion
Warranty offered to qualified homes

Stinger Pest Solutions, Inc. Company Profile

Years in Business: Since 2002
Homeowners served (last 10 years): 14,000+
Number of Employees: 10
License Number: Business License #: 99145


General Liability
Worker’s Compensation

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

Better Business Bureau member
Quality Pro Company
CPCO and GPCA member
National Pest Management Association Member

Company Commentary...

“Protecting your home, and giving you a Healthy, Pest-Free Living Environment.  At Stinger Pest Solutions we use pest control products as only one aspect of a pest management program.  Our trained professionals use their education, experience, and other techniques to assure your pest problem is managed in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Our programs focus on ‘prevention’ of infestations rather than just stopping them once they have occurred.  We are very proud to have earned the Quality Pro distinction from the National Pest Management Association.  Currently only 2% of Pest Control companies have qualified for this ‘Mark of Excellence in pest management’.”

Chris and Laura Mitchell, Owners

Stinger Pest Solutions, Inc. in Atlanta

Stinger Pest Solutions, Inc. Reviews

“We've been very happy with Stinger. They eliminated some existing pest issues when we moved into our home and have kept the place clean for more than five years. Excellent customer service and communication.”

John S.

“Stinger does our home quarterly pest control. Switched to them several years ago after a bad experience with a big pest company. Since we have been using Stinger we have had no ants in the house when it rains, which had been a problem for years. They always call to let you know they are coming and ask for any problem areas. They are always timely and professional. I think their prices are reasonable for great service.”

Karen R.

“Have been utilizing Stinger for the past 8 years and have had excellent results, no bugs, no issues and their service people and office staff are excellent. They always call ahead prior to the service to make sure it is OK to come. If there is a question with billing, service or anything else their office staff is most helpful and always resolves the issue.”

Dick W.

“They have been my pest control company for 10 years. Always come when they say they will, always have nice techs. They also did exclusion work when we first moved into the house and we have had no problems.”

Susan K.

“Stinger always shows up on time and lets us know when they are coming. They will also come out when called and always friendly.”

Bill F.



Stinger Pest Solutions, Inc.
Five Stars
Rated: 5/5

For Details on Pricing, Warranties, Seasonal Offers, etc. call Stinger Pest Solutions, Inc.: 678-973-4438