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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Joseph & Jodie Hatcher, Owners

Products / Services Provided:

Storm Damage Experts & Insurance; Claims Professional; Complimentary Inspection/Estimate; New Roofs/Reroofs/Repairs; Stone Coated Steel/Metal-Decra, Standing Steam; Tile-Bartile/Composite-DaVinci/Asphalt; Malarkey; Stucco, Windows, Siding, Roofing, Gutters, and Architectural Elements

Products / Services - Warranties / Guarantees:

Not only are we certified by Malarkey, their products carry the industry’s best warranty. Pella Certified Contractor: Doors and Windows. Exhaustive Knowledge Of Catastrophic Insurance Practices.

735 Inc. Company Profile

Years in Business: 7
Homeowners served (last 10 years): 200+
Number of Employees: 2
License Number: Contractor’s: 21298 Business: 20121529565


General Liability

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

A+ BBB Rating
Home Advisor Elite

Company Commentary...

“735 Inc. took its name from the birth dates of the owners family, its not just numbers. We have taken our 13 years of insurance adjusting and applied this knowledge to your needs; from storm damage, negotiating with your insurance company, updating or repairing the exterior of your home. We are here to provide world class service for your projects.”

Joseph & Jodie Hatcher, Owners

735 Inc. in Colorado Springs

735 Inc. Reviews

“Overall they were very friendly and easy to work with. They did an excellent job on our roof!”




735 Inc.
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For Details on Pricing, Warranties, Seasonal Offers, etc. call 735 Inc.: 719-900-1545