The Five Star Guarantee Terms and Conditions

If you are not satisfied with the work performed by one of our Five Star Rated companies, Home Contractors Review, LLC (“we” or “us”) will pay you up to $2,000, subject to these terms and conditions. To be eligible for payment under this guarantee, you must strictly comply with the following:

  1. You must make initial contact with the Five Star Rated company at issue by either calling the company phone number listed in the Five Star Rated Guidebook or, submitting a contact form online through our website (listed on or contacting the company by phone or email through us (
  2. Each applicable property location must be registered for the Five Star Rated Guarantee by submitting a registration form, available at This registration only needs to occur once per property location and will thereafter cover you for any and every job you hire out to a Five Star Rated service provider.
  3. You must make good faith reasonable attempts to resolve the unsatisfactory issue directly with the Five Star Rated company prior to submitting a claim with us.
  4. You must have paid the Five Star Rated company the invoiced amount in full before submitting your claim.
  5. You must submit a claim to us within 30 days of the final service date by sending details to
  6. You must be willing to allow the Five Star Rated company to resolve the unsatisfactory issue pursuant to the mediation process detailed below.
  7. Our resolution process must be the first method of resolution of the issue with the Five Star Rated company other than directly contacting the Five Star Rated company.
  8. Prior to any payment of the guarantee, you must sign a release agreement with us and the Five Star Rated company, which may include, without limitation, a release of further claims against us and other restrictive covenants we deem appropriate.

If your claim complies with the Five Star Rated Guarantee terms and conditions, we will begin a mediation process between you and the Five Star Rated company. Our goal will be to enlist the Five Star Rated company to resolve the issue to your satisfaction including permitting additional or remediation work to be completed. You must participate in good faith in our mediation process, including, without limitation, providing us with any requested documentation of the work performed and the claim.

In the event that we determine, in our sole discretion, that our mediation process did not result in a satisfactory result for you, then you will be eligible to receive the guarantee payment from us. We will determine the amount and the method of the guarantee payment, up to a maximum of the lesser of the invoiced cost of the Five Star Rated company’s labor and $2,000. The Five Star Guarantee does not apply to disputes based on issues other than the quality of work performed. This guarantee can be suspended, modified, or revoked at our sole discretion without prior notice to you.