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Garage Door Maintenance Programs. Steel Carriage Door Options. Wood Carriage Door Options.

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Springs on Garage Door Breaking.

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How Garage Doors Help Improve Your Houston Home’s Value

With so many homes on the market these days, every little detail you can improve sets your house apart. A standard garage door looks perfectly fine, and for many Americans, it’s a luxury to even have a closed garage. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, upgrading to something more unique can be the difference between an interested buyer and a sold house.

Updating an Existing Garage Door
There are a few ways you can make your garage door look better than ever. Most garage doors are made of steel or vinyl, both of which can be painted a new color. You can also add decorative handles to the front of your door to make it look like a barn door. This gives your home a charming, equestrian feel. Finally, some doors can also have windows added for a unique feature that may draw the eye of a buyer who appreciates those extra details. This can be a difficult modification to make because an entire panel must be removed and refitted into your door. Many people choose to simply replace the entire door when presented with the cost estimate for this particular modification.

New Garage Door Options
If your old garage door is dented or corroded, installing a brand new garage door gives you a chance to improve the value of your Houston area home. One study of over 300 realtors’ experiences showed that an upgraded garage door added anywhere from one to four percent to the total selling cost. Considering that one of the most expensive options for upgrading, which is a custom made wooden garage door, can run around 4,000 dollars, an additional 10,000 to the price of your home is a major return on the investment. In addition to wooden doors, you can also get custom made steel, or even glass garage doors, which are becoming very trendy. They add a showcase look to your garage, perfect for someone who has classic cars.

The garage is one of the first things people see from the road as they drive by your Houston area home. Making sure it looks expensive, even if it wasn’t, is a great way to attract the attention of your perfect buyer.

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