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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Chris Shemwell
Jim Bruce 

Products / Services Provided:

Leaf Free Gutters

Products / Services - Warranties / Guarantees:

Gutters – Lifetime No-Clog Warranty
Guarantee – If It Ever Clogs, We Clean It Out, Free!
Only GutterMaxx® – offers a Self-Flushing System with two water entry points
Only GutterMaxx® offers the unique and convenient “Snap-on Snap-off” cover
Only GutterMaxx® gives full “armor-plate” protection against wood rot in your fascia and overhang areas.
No payment due until the job is complete

GutterMaxx, L.P. Company Profile

Years in Business: 19
Homeowners served (last 14 years): 40,000+(Corporate)
Number of Employees: 50 (Corporate)
License Number: SOS #0800064313


General Liability
Occupational accident insurance for all employees

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

Member Better Business Bureau – 19 years

Company Commentary...

“We start with the best product in the industry. GutterMaxx solves rainwater and leaf problems that other products can’t. We have the best estimators and installers. GutterMaxx looks attractive on your home, unlike other products, and our customers love that! Our goal is to earn your complete satisfaction! Engineers, reviewers, and customers agree that GutterMaxx is the best product and we save our customers lots of trouble and money.”

Steve Jolly – National Sales Manager

GutterMaxx, L.P. in Houston

GutterMaxx, L.P. Reviews

“I love my new gutters. The technicians did a great job with the installation and they were impeccable with the housekeeping.”

Mrs. D.J.

“....Instead of just saying we needed gutters all around, (your salesperson) pointed out areas where gutters were necessary and places where they were not. We ended up only putting gutters on the front and back of our house, and he saved us some money. When installation day arrived, the GutterMaxx crew showed up in a timely manner and got the job done quickly and thoroughly. I inspected the job before they left and all of my questions were answered. Well, it all looked good, but the real test came about a week later when we got a line of thunderstorms through one night. I got up and watched...sure enough, the gutters worked as advertised. I was especially pleased with one section over my front porch which carries a large volume of water. It used to be like Niagara Falls, but waterfall.”

Mr. G.D.O.

“The GutterMaxx product has performed very well in handling and funneling the rain water during a period in which it rained two straight days. The gutters looks very stylish and neat in appearance on my house.” The installation crew performed a very satisfactory installation job...I would recommend the GutterMaxx system for use by a potential buyer considering the product.”

Mr. B.V.



GutterMaxx, L.P.
Five Stars
Rated: 5/5

For Details on Pricing, Warranties, Seasonal Offers, etc. call GutterMaxx, L.P.: 832-539-4612