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We are here to help when you need a local contractor but you don't have the time or patience to try to find the best Sprinkler System companies in the Houston area. Relax. We've done the research for you. We save Houston area homeowners time by conducting thousands of due diligence home contractor surveys and interviews with homeowners. Only Sprinkler System companies that “earn” a Five Star Rating through exceptional service and work performance are listed above. Our stringent selection process ensures you'll be working with the best Sprinkler System contractors that provide top quality service to the Houston area.

Services & Products Provided:

Sprinkler Systems & Drainage/Erosion Control Systems.

Complementary Services & Products:

Irrigation systems. Sprinkler Systems. Drip Systems, Rain and Freeze Sensors, ET and/or Digital Controllers, backflow device testing.

Number One Complaint in the Houston Sprinkler/Drainage Systems Repair & Installation Category:

The drainage system contractor did not install the proper drainage system for my home and another professional drainage system contractor had to be hired to correct the problem. Poor quality of work using inferior products & materials.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Sprinkler System Installation Company in Houston

If money were no object, would you rather spend days laboring to install your own yard sprinkler system, or simply hire somebody else to do it for you?

If you’re like most people, that question is a no-brainer. Hiring a pro makes your life much easier, and almost certainly results in a better final product.

And yet, most people opt to install their own sprinkler systems. Not because they want to do so, but usually because of the expense involved in hiring an expert, who will charge hundreds if not thousands to do the work.

But that’s a short-sighted approach. Unless you are certain you can do the job just as well as a pro, you will likely come out ahead financially by hiring someone else. Look over the reasons below to understand why.

Water Is Expensive, Sprinklers Are Cheap

Over the lifetime of your sprinkler system, the greatest expense you will incur is not the cost of the parts, or the cost of the labor required to install them on your property. Instead, the greatest cost will almost without question be the cost of the water that flows through your sprinklers. If you have even a modestly-sized yard with a normal-length growing season, you can expect to spend hundreds of dollars a year on watering your grass and plants. Even if you spend $1000 on the installation process, in a few short years, the cost of water sent through your sprinklers will easily exceed that.

Less Water Means More Savings

As a result of this, the best way to economize when installing a sprinkler system is by installing one that uses as little water as possible. Luckily, there are now innumerable devices designed to water your lawn as efficiently as possible. Rotor systems, timers set for early morning and late evening, and rain sensors can all help you reduce the water flowing through your sprinklers. Studies show that a carefully crafted sprinkler system can use up to 40 percent less water than a haphazard configuration which covers the same area.

Doing the Job Right

With that in mind, there is no one better suited to architecting the ideal sprinkler system for your yard than a professional sprinkler installation company. Particularly with the emphasis on green practices these days, sprinkler experts have become very advanced at making their systems as efficient and water-sparing as possible.

Hiring a professional for sprinkler system installation for you Houston area home also helps you avoid the worst-case scenario of sprinkler installation, which is a broken hose or pipe underground. If you are not careful during the installation process, it's very easy to rupture a pipe or hose in your system. The wasted water from such a break can cost you hundreds of dollars a month until you notice and fix it. And the repair process will be yet more costly.

The temptation to install your own sprinkler system is understandable. But as with anything else, you get what you pay for, and a self-installed sprinkler system is likely to be more trouble than it's worth in the long term.

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