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Services & Products Provided by Air Conditioning & Heating Companies in San Jose:

Air conditioning and heating service, equipment and installation. Maintenance agreements for typically two maintenance calls per year (Spring and Fall).

Complementary Services & Products Provided by San Jose Air Conditioning & Heating Companies:

Indoor air quality systems or whole house air filtration systems. Duct cleaning services. Dehumidification systems. Zoning systems for maximum air distribution balancing in home.

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Common Brands San Jose HVAC Contractors Repair, Service & Install

Amana, Bryant, Trane, Carrier, Ruud, Rheem, American Standard, York, Lennox, Goodman, Payne, Westinghouse, Coleman

Should You Repair or Replace Your South Bay Home’s HVAC System?

There are many considerations when you start having trouble out of your HVAC system and have to make a decision whether to repair the system or start completely over and replace it. Whether your system is completely out of commission or just lagging a little bit, whether it’s relatively new or at least 10 years old, there are several factors to keep in mind before you make a final decision to repair or to replace your system.

Age of Your Heating & Cooling System
There are government standards set by the EPA and the ENERGY STAR program that recommend heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) systems be replaced after they are at least 10 years old. The standards for boilers and for furnaces are slightly different, in that the recommended replacement age is 15 years—although these systems last 50% longer, they will eventually begin losing enough energy efficiency that it is in your overall best interest to upgrade.

Frequent HVAC System Repairs
If you find that you are on a first-name basis with your HVAC repair technician since they have been to your house too many times in the past year, it is probably time to consider replacing your current system. When your system starts lagging behind on demand—cools are never quite cool enough, and you still need a blanket in the winter—then your system is struggling to keep up with demands on performance and at least needs a tune-up if not replacement. Repair costs over time can add up to a significant percentage of the cost of a new system.

Hots and Cold Spots
If your HVAC system is heating and cooling your South Bay area home unevenly, it sounds like it is time for an upgrade. Hot spots and cold spots are not incredibly uncommon, but if you notice that they are worse than they have been in the past, or that they are moving from room to room, this is something that should be reviewed by professional heating and air conditioning technicians.

Noisy HVAC System
Overexertion by the system can cause fans to run longer and harder than needing, resulting in a higher-than-normal sound ratio. If the fans turn on and off randomly, or there are any other sudden changes to the system, then that might signal the need for an upgrade.

When to Repair the Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Furnace in Your San Jose Home
Repairing your HVAC system can make a lot of sense when your system is pretty new, or the repair bills are very infrequent and inexpensive. The 50 percent rule states that if the cost for repair versus replacement is less than half its value, and you are continually spending time and money on repairs, then it is time to replace. You also want to consider whether you plan to move in the near future, and whether or not you are likely to recoup the costs of replacement through energy savings if you move sooner rather than later.
If you are unsure whether to repair or replace your system, consider asking our recommended San Jose Heating & Air Conditioning companies for some maintenance tips that might help prolong the life of your current heating and air conditioning system. HVAC replacement can be costly, if you have an older system with a history of significant repairs, then replacement is the better answer.

Best Heating & Cooling Systems for San Jose and South Bay Homes

There are many different options on the market for climate control or HVAC systems in Northern California such as air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and ductless mini-split systems—an option which has gained popularity in recent years. 

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps can provide the best of both worlds as they can give you energy-efficient heat in the winter and reverse heat, also known as air conditioning, in the summer. However, a common type of heat pump, called an air-source heat pump, may not provide quite enough heat to knock out the chill on really cold Northern California winters so you might need a furnace backup anyway. A more expensive option would be a geothermal heat pump as they are more efficient option that can put out more heat.

The nights in Northern California can get quite chilly, so having a furnace will keep everything nice and toasty. Furnaces are generally located in garages and attics, and direct warmed air that blows through ducts located in your ceilings, in the crawlspace or in the attic. There are two different main types of furnaces: electric or natural gas, each with pros and cons.

Natural gas furnaces offer a highly cost-efficient home heating system, because although they are not quite as energy efficient as some other heating methods, it is cheaper.

Electric furnaces do not get quite as warm as gas furnaces or some other systems, and they also can be more expensive to use. Electric furnace owners might want to consider moving to a heat pump.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems
Another efficient heating & air conditioning system for the South Bay area is the mini-split system. These systems have been used in Europe for years and are just now gaining popularity in the United States. These systems work as a heating and air conditioning combo, with an indoor and an outdoor unit, but the system does not require ductwork. This is a perfect option for places where running ducts would be impossible.

Qualify for a Rebate
There are several ways to get tax incentives for upgrades and enhancements to your home’s HVAC system from state and national governments. Even if you are a condominium owner and replace a portion of your HVAC system, you may be eligible for a deal come tax time. Based on the level of energy savings from your choice of system, you could receive significant tax savings on the cost of the system of your choice. You may also qualify for special financing to help upgrade your home's heating system.

Choosing the right heating system is dependent on several different factors such as the size of your home, your preferred heating levels and your budget. Determining which factors are most important to you from cost, energy-efficiency, or environmentally friendly low-impact heating systems will guide you in a direction for your heating system purchase that you will be happy with for years to come. 

Areas Typically Served By San Jose Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors

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