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San Jose Garage Door Repair & Installation Tips

Common Garage Door Issues

After years of use, it is not uncommon for garage doors to start showing signs of their age. In some cases, the door may break down entirely, but more often, the problems will be minor, at least at first. Although the garage door on your San Jose area home may remain usable, it’s important to recognize and address these issues when they arise, before they become more serious. A familiarity with the common garage door issues listed below will allow you to keep your eyes peeled, and help you maintain your door in peak condition.

Your Garage Door Button or Remote Won’t Work
This can be a scary situation for garage door owners. When you press the button to open or close your garage door and nothing happens, it can seem like a major problem. In fact, nine times out of ten, this is simply caused by a dead battery, particularly now that most wall-mounted buttons connect wirelessly to the drive shaft, and are not wired for electricity. Before panicking, first try replacing your battery. If that doesn’t work, check your owner’s manual for instructions on reprogramming your remote device. Reprogramming can re-establish the connection between the remote and your garage door’s motor, and get the system working again.

Your Garage Door Moves Haltingly or Very Slowly
In general, if your door is moving but is doing so slowly or unevenly, it is a sign that something is wrong with your drive shaft. This may be as simple as having too little oil, or it could be something more troublesome, like a broken tooth on one of your gears. Start by making sure your motor is up to date on all routine maintenance described in your owner’s manual. If it is and the problem still isn’t resolved, then consider calling in a pro to inspect the door.

Your Garage Door Creaks and Squeaks While Opening
This isn’t necessarily a problem. Garage door technology has come a long ways, but garage door motors are still noisy, and there is usually no getting around that. If it seems like the garage door on your San Jose area home is noisier than usual, try replacing the oil and making sure all moving parts, (particularly the drive shaft and chain) are well coated with machine lubricant. If that doesn’t fix your problem, then you probably need to call a technician.

There Are Black Marks on the Outside of Your Garage Door
This is very common, and again not technically a problem. These marks are caused by the oil from your door’s motor, which over time can leak on the top—or exterior—of the door while it is in the raised position. This is not a sign that your door is functioning improperly, but it can be unsightly. Fortunately, the problem is easily fixed by washing your door with some common kitchen soap, which should take the grease right off.

Of course, there are many other issues you could encounter with your garage door. Remember to use caution, and if the problem you are experiencing seems more complicated than the minor issues described here, you are probably best off enlisting the help of a professional garage door company in San Jose.

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your San Jose Area Home

If you have never been through the process of purchasing a garage door before, then you may be under the mistaken impression that aside from their looks, all garage doors are the same.

In fact, there is a great deal of variation among the garage doors available on the market. The doors are not only designed differently, but have different features and functions, and each is ideally suited to a specific need or scenario. Below, we will look at some of the key differentiators between garage doors, and show how you can pick between them all.

Energy Conservation
If you live in a place where heating or air conditioning is a major part of your daily life, then you understand how important it is for all parts of your home to be properly insulated. This can extend to your garage, as many garage doors now provide excellent insulation, helping to keep you comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Insulated garage doors typically feature polyurethane linings, which keep the door’s panels airtight when it is raised or lowered. This is especially valuable for people who work in their garages and need to maintain a comfortable climate. Good insulation also has the added benefit of reducing noise emitted from and entering your garage.

Garage Doors with Windows
For those who don’t need extra privacy, choosing a design with windows can help improve the appearance of your garage doors. In general, windows on garage doors are narrow, and as much about appearance as they are about functionality. However, despite their size, they do allow some natural light into the garage space, which can be a big bonus for those who often work in that area. If privacy is a concern, windows might not be the best idea, but you can increase your privacy by choosing a tinted design that allows you to see out while limiting visibility of the interior.

Extra Durable Materials
For those who live in unusually hot, cold, or humid climates, it is important to pick a door made from a material that can deal with climactic extremes. In that case, a steel garage door might be worth the extra expense. If you are especially concerned about damage to the door, consider a vinyl model. Not only is vinyl resistant to nearly any condition Mother Nature can throw its way, it will also tolerate minor bumps without showing any dents or scratches.

All About Appearances
At the other end of the spectrum, there are many garage doors that are made primarily to look good. For instance, some homeowners like all glass doors, which permit full visibility into their garage. As well, there are brushed aluminum doors that have a very modern look. If you prefer something more traditional, there are many wooden models that evoke historical designs and buildings. Many companies will even custom design a door to your specifications.

When purchasing garage doors for your San Jose area home, there is no reason to be bound by convention. There are more than enough options on the market for you to find everything you need in a door.

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