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  • Year Established: 1994
  • Homeowners Served: 15,000+
  • Number of Employees: 12
"We believe that as a company, we should only offer the best products that will make the customer the happiest in the long run. We install products in our customers' houses the same way we would in our own homes."

Chris Warrington, Owner
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Chris Warrington, Owner
April Asher, Operations Manager
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Homeowner Reviews

“After a new crew returned to fix the mistakes and paint all the exposed trim the house was very nice. But a lot of stress was involved in the process.”

“I am most satisfied with how long it took to do the job.”

“I would like to recognize Steve, the sales representative. He was very good.”

“The final product was good.”

“The initial service was timely, and the siding looks as beautiful as described by the salesman. I'm also glad the company paid to replace a window broken during installation.”

“Very nice experience totaly from office calling with updates to the amazing work crew who did the project.”

“The follow-up was most satisfying. The man who came out to resolve issues was great.”

“I am very satisfied with the project that Amazing Exteriors performed on my home. It can be difficult sometimes to find quality contractors, but I think Amazing Exteriors is just that, a quality contractor. Everyone I dealt with from sales to work crew were very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend them to anyone looking for home improvement work.”

“There is not a single one I would like to recognize for their exceptional service.”

“The Hardy product is a great product when someone knows how to use it to it best application.”

“All of the crews were great to work with and followed up quickly to correct any issues.”

“I am not satisfied with the work.”

“I would like to recognize Tom, the measure technician, for his exceptional service.”

“Justin was amazing.”

“I'm glad they could find someone to do it during the weekend.”

“I was satisfied with the quick installation and timely schedule.”

“I don't think I can remember at this point.”

“Everybody was great.”

“Justin and the two installers were very good. They were good communicators.”

“I would like to recognize multiple people for exceptional service. Those include Mike McDonald, the salesman, the installers whose names I don't remember, as well as John and Kenny, who are the service guys that answered a service call to square up some windows. I would also like to give kudos to April Asher, who is part of the office staff and helped with scheduling.”

“I would like to recognize Justin S. who came out to the house, he was the salesperson, for exceptional service. Initially, we were going to go with a different siding. He spent a lit of time with me and my partner, asking if we'd thought about things and said, "let's try this". We took a risk with a little piece of siding and chose it, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Justin was instrumental with us going with the rustic look, and so many people are complimentary of it. You only have that little sample, like when you go to the paint store. I was thinking, oh my goodness, what am I doing. Justin gave us names of homes and businesses that had used the different sidings, so we could go and look at completed projects. Ultimately, with the one we chose, there was no project that had been done with it in our area, so we took a risk, and it turned out beautifully.”

“My salesman was good.”

“They met my expectations with the window quality and the materials.”

“They met most all expectations other than the caulking.”

“I would like to recognize Justin Stalcup and Orlando for exceptional service.”

“I was glad that Amazing Exteriors kept coming back, and ultimately delivered on what they said they do.”

“I would like to recognize Chris Warrenton for his exceptional service.”

“I was satisfied with their quality and the contractors that installed the windows. They were very professional and cleaned up after themselves.”

“Amazing Exteriors exceeded my expectations on the delivery date.”

“They met my expectations.”

“They met my expectations on what they quoted and provided.”

“Amazing Exteriors was very responsive. I am happy with everything they did for me. I had a picture window, a screen door, and a side door done. I am extremely satisfied.”

“It looks great.”

“They provided an outstanding product.”

“The installation, the product itself, the doors and the sliding door all met and exceeded my expectations.”

“I have already recommended Amazing Exteriors, and they have been used.”

“They did a very good job. We had two jobs done. One was a much larger window, and they did that one very well.”

“The installation met and exceeded my expectations.”

“Amazing Exteriors exceeded my expectations.”

“I would like to recognize everybody. They were all good.”

“I would like to recognize Amazing Exteriors' salesperson for exceptional service.”

“The salesman was really nice guy. I thought we were on the right page with everything. His name was Mike McDonald, and he was really good.”

“They were great, easy to work with and provided quality work!”

“They exceeded my expectations in all areas.”

“It's a challenge because of the pandemic, and supply issues. There needs to be leniency on the rating. The salesman, Mike McDonald, was amazing. He came out to the house, and did measurements. The followup with April, and the sales manager, was not good at all. The installation was fantastic, and the quality of the door. There is a gap with customer service, and customer engagement.”

“Mark Meyer did an excellent job demonstrating why the product and quality is first class!”

“The quality of the door is really good so we are happy with that.”

“I would like to recognize the delivery driver for his great service.”

“The technicians were awesome.”

“Amazing Exteriors met expectations in appearance.”

“I would like to recognize April, from Amazing Exteriors, for her exceptional service. I believe that is her name. She did a great job in her communication.”

“Their promptness of getting the job done met my expectations. We planned on them taking five days, and they got it done in three.”

“I would like to recognize the sales guy for the exceptional service. He was wonderful and i wish i knew his name. He was so good and very nice and called to check if everything was okay.”

“The two guys who did the installation were great and I would like to recognize them.”

“I don't know who they are, but the painters were great.”

“They met expectations.”

“No, there's no one I'd like to recognize.”

“They did a great job putting the windows in and did what they said they would do. I appreciate that!”

“I would like to recognize all the gentlemen who came to my home for their exceptional service. From the installers, to the salesperson, to the men who came out to do the last finishing work. They were all very professional.”

“We were satisfied with the windows and siding.”

“They exceeded my expectations in quality of the products.”

“I would like to recognize Kim the appointment scheduler for her exceptional service. She was prompt.”

“They were not exceptional but they finally got back to me, April and John, they were the 2 people who did do stuff for me.”

“They met all of my expectations.”

“Amazing Exteriors exceeded all of my expectations.”

“I would like to recognize the installers.”

“Everyone was fine.”

“They were wonderful to work with from beginning to end. They kept the site clean the entire time, and were super fast.”

“I love the windows. They are beautiful and easy to operate. The installation couldn't have been smoother. They cleaned up after themselves, they got here on time and they didn't waste time once they got here.”

“They did wonderful work and my windows look beautiful.”

“Amazing Exteriors' customer service is good. I want to do more business with them, but I am waiting to find out what happens with my existing door. Then I am willing to do more business with them. I want the door fixed before I proceed with my next project; even though, it was not their fault.”

“I had a spot that they looked at and repaired, and it was not a part of the initial estimate. I thought that was nice of them to do that.”

“Amazing Exteriors exceeded my expectations with customer service. They went above and beyond to try to resolve problems that arose.”

“Amazing Exteriors did a pretty good job overall. They did have to replace a piece of hardie board. The problem was that they said they would take care of it, but they did not. I had to make sure it all got done. Had I not intervened, it would not have taken care of. The painter actually helped me to get it resolved.”

“I like the windows from Amazing Exteriors. They are so great. The installers need to be better.”

“I ordered my windows and when I ordered my doors they didn't send the same exterior frame. I'm stuck with it. All the guy had to do was look back in records and see what model window I bought. He didn't do it so I had to buy $10,000 worth of doors that didn't match my windows.”

“I would never recommend them to anybody.”

“The end result. The house looks nice with the new siding and gutters”

“The quality of the materials was great. We have not had to use the air conditioning as much. The insulation is so much better.”

“Mike McDonald was pretty good, and he came out a few times and talked to us. I liked him.”

“I would like to recognize the crew that did the installation and the crew leader.”

“I was most satisfied with the area done over my garage.”

  • 972-480-3913
  • Year Established: 1994
  • Homeowners Served: 15,000+
  • Number of Employees: 12
"We believe that as a company, we should only offer the best products that will make the customer the happiest in the long run. We install products in our customers' houses the same way we would in our own homes."

Chris Warrington, Owner
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Chris Warrington, Owner
April Asher, Operations Manager
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  • Five Star Guarantee
  • In Business 20+ Years
  • General Liability Insurance
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Custom window and door replacement
Turnkey siding installation
Amazing Exteriors specializes in energy-efficient products from Infinity from Marvin windows, James Hardie ColorPlus siding, the Amazing wall system, and more.
General Liability
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Manufacturer-backed lifetime warranties on materials and labor
Qualified Remodeler's Top Performing Siding Company 2001, 2002
Qualified Remodeler's Top 500 list 2015, 2017
National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) member