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  • Year Established: 2009
  • Homeowners Served: 14,000+
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"I became interested in renewables in general, and solar power specifically, when I learned about the risk posed by climate change. There was a time when the only reason to go solar was to help the environment. Today, the economics have changed dramatically, and solar power is not just cleaner power, it is also cheaper power!"

Peter Belman | CEO
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Peter Belman, CEO
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Homeowner Reviews

“Overall, i am happy with the company. The thing is from the sales point of view, all the way up to the delivery of the product which took about 5 months. Following up and communication was very minimum and that's a big problem. The communication with the sales front office to the customer. I already initiated the conversations then, they responded.”

“The crew were professional and took the time to explain how the system works and what to expect.”

“Overall, it was a satisfying experience.”

“I solicited four proposals/quotes before working with Solar Energy World. Solar Energy World had the best price, and as it turns out has also offered excellent service. I?m happy with the product we received and with the customer service. Not only am I likely to recommend Solar Energy World to a friend, I have already done so.”

“An amazing company, total support during all phases of the installation! Highly recommend this company!”

“I have already recommended Solar Energy World to several friends. I am impressed with the professionalism and quality of work.”

“My sales representative Jeff was wonderful from beginning to end and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Before I decided to go to Solar Energy World I talked to several companies, I was not comfortable with them, I felt like they were too pushy.”

“The installation crew and the maintenance crew have been superb; they were sterling. There is a lot to be desired about the sales crew. There was no feedback in a timely fashion, it was distressing.”

“They provide excellent customer service.”

“I highly recommend Solar Energy World for the reasons cited below (additional comments).”

“The group that installed my solar panels were top notch. They did a real professional job. I would highly recommend them.”

“I've had many companies contact me about placing solar panels on my roof, but when my neighbor showed me the ratings of the various companies in the area, I noted that Solar Energy World got a top 5 star rating. When she installed solar panels and had such a successful time working with the Solar Energy crew and was so very satisfied with the results, I decided to sign up for my current project. I've been pleasantly surprised, from the beginning to the current time, as Solar Energy representatives walked me through all the steps, assured me that what was happening was right on target. I felt empowered the day I actually pushed the level to start up my solar power system!!!”

“Solar Energy World is a well-oiled machine when it comes to solar installs. Work is distributed to subject experts and they do their jobs well. However, I think an influx of work over the past year and some hiccups with our process caused this optimized system to break down. However, staff members were professional and respectful of all of my concerns. Both install and administrative staff were some of the most professional and kind people I have worked with. I think they might benefit from hiring some more of these fantastic people to keep up with demand.”

“The salesman of Solar Energy World were uninformed, their installation crew was excellent, and the middle management is questionable.”

“They are very professional and efficient. I am very pleased with my solar panels.”

“My salesman was great, the inspectors were great, and the men who came out to install the panels were good. However, Melanie in the back office is horrible. They need to find a replacement for her.”

“Jay Randell was excellent to work with. He was informative, receptive and very quick to communicate. I would recommend Solar Energy World.”

“Eric was a wonderful representative and I was grateful to work with him. He was tremendously helpful.”

“I appreciated the people who did the work. They were respectful and communitive. The electrician is a stand up guy. I was impressed with their work.”

“He wants to recognize the technicians because they were professional and done a great job, but he cannot recall their names.”

“We had an awesome experience with Solar Energy World. From the time we first met to when we turned the switch on to generate electricity, everything was awesome!”

“Very happy with the solar installation. Love the app that shows what I'm generating. Solar Energy World does a quality installation.So far, I'm getting excellent generation levels (Kwh).”

“Solar Energy World where great from start to finish. The provided reasonable expectations in their production estimate. Our first months production was 200 KWH over their estimate, I'm not complaining one bit. The only negative was the time to install, I chalk this up to them being very popular.”

“Solar Energy World is efficient and effective with the process of Solar Installation. From cradle to grave, they complete all the documents essential from planning (site assessment, survey, and financial responsibility) to execution (keeping all county, state, and the customer informed). They have a consistent and capable customer relationship that is available 24/7 to answer any questions. They quickly address all inquiries, while simultaneously keep all parties involve by email, telephone, or text. They also have a referral policy, my best friend referred me and she will receive over $300. Last week the Solar Energy World completed the installation of the Solar Panels and my house looks amazing. In the following weeks, I look forward to being 100% complete. I know that I'll feel a sense of accomplishment for taking a small part in making the state of Maryland and our planet a better place.”

“I am thrilled to be going solar! I highly recommend Solar Energy World as they are very personable, proffessional informative and helpful.”

“I would like to recognize the installers and Eric for their exceptional service with Solar Energy World. They did a great job!”

“I would like to recognize Brent. He was great.”

“The entire team was outstanding and thoroughly professional!”

“It was a great experience all the way around.”

“Solar Energy World did a very professional job installing my solar panels. A mistake was made in the initial measurements. Solar Energy World did a very good job righting that mistake and I was more than just satisfied with the resolution. I recommend Solar Energy World for the installation of solar panels.”

“Overall, I felt that the whole experience was easy.”

“Solar Energy World has done multiple projects for me and they give me best value. They are very professional in dealing with customers like myself, who have done various projects with them. Even though they might not get the work done right the first time, they always listen and resolve problems. Absolutely happy with the work done in my home..”

“The Final results. I couldn't be happier. The comms problem i noted above is relatively minor to the greater service and results. The hardware issue is more significant, but I still give you a "4" for the recommention question.”

“I would like to recognize the installers and Paul for their exceptional service.”

“Solar Energy was very good at explaining the process. They were also very good at providing a nice looking installation, hiding wires and connections.”

“I would like to recognize the company as a whole for exceptional service and my sales rep was phenomenal.”

“I would recognize Jay. He was very good.”

“I would like to recognize Jay for his exceptional service.”

“I was extremely happy and satisfied with their service. I highly recommend them to my family and friend.”

“I really appreciated the service I got, it was excellent. The salesperson was very knowledgeable, every question I asked he didn't have to think about it he answered it right away. ”

“I would recognize Jay.”

“I would recognize Eric. He was good. I would recognize the guy who did the electrical work.”

“I would like to recognize Wyatt Everheart for his exceptional service!”

“I hired Solar Energy World following a referral from a friend. I bought the system outright, and Solar Energy World was very knowledgeable communicated options and plans well with me. The installers were pretty good and happy to discuss what they were doing and why. Their admin staff, whom I never met, were top notch, taking care of everything on the back end. The entire process was pretty smooth, with SEW taking care of all the county permits, HOA approvals, inspections, setting up net metering with the power company, etc. We went from a contract to an installed system in less than a month, and our system was only idle for about a week until final approvals/inspections allowed us to throw the switch.”

“Wyatt was great!”

  • 571-297-3932
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Homeowners Served: 14,000+
  • Number of Employees: 200+
"I became interested in renewables in general, and solar power specifically, when I learned about the risk posed by climate change. There was a time when the only reason to go solar was to help the environment. Today, the economics have changed dramatically, and solar power is not just cleaner power, it is also cheaper power!"

Peter Belman | CEO
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Peter Belman, CEO
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Solar Energy World provides a comprehensive solar panel installation warranty on all solar panel products and solar energy products we install. The exact length of installation warranty is dependent upon the warranty of the panel manufacturer but is between 25-30 years. Solar panel modules and inverter manufacturers provide a warranty on the performance of the modules and inverters as well.
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