Payne's Environmental Services, LLC



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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Terry Payne, President
Annette Payne, CEO

Products / Services Provided:

Tree Removal
Stump & Root Grinding
Stump Removal
Storm Clean-up
Hazardous Tree Removal
Lot Clearing
Land Clearing
Disaster Recovery
Certified Arborist
Root Pruning

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Payne's Environmental Services, LLC Company Profile

Years in Business: 15
Homeowners served (last 8 years): Thousands
Number of Employees: 22
License Number: 228602 and 228603; ISA Certified Arborist FL-6027 A


General Liability / Workers’ Compensation
Excess Umbrella Coverage

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

A Rated with the Better Business Bureau
International Society of Arboriculture, FEMA, CCR

Company Commentary...

“All of our employees are properly rope and equipment trained to safely remove branches and tree sections. Several of our crew members are First Responders and Arborists meeting OSHA standards for safety and disaster recovery applications. We combine education with the latest innovations in proper pruning techniques and removal practices; providing our customers and their trees with an unmatched quality of service.”

Terry Payne, President
ISA Certified Arborist

Payne's Environmental Services, LLC in Tampa

Payne's Environmental Services, LLC Reviews

“Payne just removed a +70 ft dead pine tree, hit by lightning 2 months ago. It was in our side-yard, with very limited access: 6 ft from our kitchen wall, 2 ft from our main power line and 8 ft from our neighbor’s fence. They originally planned to climb it and take it down in sections, but once they got up in a bucket over our garage they discovered it was split 40 ft up and not climbable. With no additional cost, they brought in a 100 ft crane and reached over our house from the driveway, taking it out in only three sections! And there was no damage to the driveway. Very courteous, very professional and very clean and very quick. Highly recommended!”


“I called Payne’s with many concerns I had with dead and dying trees at my mother’s house in Zephyrhills. They have an Arborist, not JUST on staff, but he owns the company! When they relayed to Terry Payne, Arborist and Owner, he went to evaluate a potentially dangerous tree over my elderly mothers house, worked with the neighbors and the county officials personally to make sure that everything was handled for me. The office staff, foreman and crews were all amazing! Thank you for taking care of her home while I care for her!!!”


“Best in the business. Not sure how they managed to get a huge dead tree out from a crowded yard without hitting the fence, ac unit, or house but they did. I use these guys for my personal home and business and highly recommend them.”




Payne's Environmental Services, LLC
Five Stars
Rated: 5/5

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