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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Steve Schrader, President
David Schrader, Executive Vice President
Scott Schrader, Vice President, Irrigation
Steve Sabanosh, Vice President, Lawn Care

Products / Services Provided:

Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation sales and service
Lawn Care, Lawn Fertilization, Lawn Renovation services
Outdoor Landscape Lighting sales and service
Drainage Solutions
Mosquito Control

Products / Services - Warranties / Guarantees:

Warranty: 3 years parts and labor, requires Bio Green annual service agreement
Our industry-leading, ‘you’ll hardly know we’ve been there’ post-installation cleanup

Bio Green Outdoor Services, LLC Company Profile

Years in Business: Since 1987
Homeowners served : 2,800+ annual customers
Number of Employees: 44
License Number: Business #:VA B101767 Contractors #:VA 2705 017890


General Liability
Worker's Compensation

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC), Irrigation Association
Certified Irrigation Technicians (CIT), Irrigation Association
Accredited Member, Better Business Bureau (A+ rated)
Hunter Preferred Contractor
EPA Water Sense Partner
Wilkins Backflow Certified Technician

Company Commentary...

“Founded in 1987, Bio Green provides a full range of services that enhance outdoor living space for residents of Northern Virginia. Bio Green takes pride in providing high quality services to our clients and as outdoor enthusiasts, we employ environmentally sensitive approaches to each of our service areas.”

David Schrader, Executive Vice President

Bio Green Outdoor Services, LLC in Virginia/Metro D.C.

Bio Green Outdoor Services, LLC Reviews

“Bio Green came up with a conservative plan that covered my needs. After installation and testing we decided another zone was needed. They put that in a timely manner. Everyone was nice, informative, and willing to help. The owner even called me to see how everything went.”

Lisa W.

“Bio Green did a great job on my sprinkler system. They gave me a competitive quote, explained the differences in technology, and the benefits of each, and didn’t pressure me to pick them. I did eventually, and their work was perfect – one time, efficient and well performed. The system has worked perfectly for about 3 years now. Bio Green also remediated my lawn, killing it and reseeding it for me, and further caring for it since then (3 years). The lawn is amazing – thick, healthy and rich green color. I am very, very happy with their work and keep going back for another year of services.”

Michael K.

“Thanks for making the time to come over today to check out the couple of issues we had with our spring turn on. We didn’t expect you’d be able to get over to the house so quickly and we’re grateful you were available, and willing to come over in a pinch! We know this is a busy time and it gives us real peace of mind knowing ‘the man’ has looked at our system and given it the thumbs up for the season. When Bob came home, I showed him the new nozzles that you’d installed in the flower beds and he thought it was a terrific idea. So it was money well spent, a great suggestion. One thing that keeps us so loyal to Bio Green is we feel confident that when we need help, we can call, and you’ll make sure it gets taken care of quickly.”

Mr. & Mrs. Bob G.

“They did a completed evaluation of our sprinkler system and were extremely attentive to detail. I don’t know what they could have done better.”

Martin O.



Bio Green Outdoor Services, LLC
Five Stars
Rated: 5/5

For Details on Pricing, Warranties, Seasonal Offers, etc. call Bio Green Outdoor Services, LLC: 703-988-3846