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Deep house cleaningWhen you are considering hiring a maid or house cleaning service, you will likely find that most of them require you to have a deep cleaning the first time they visit your home. This is completely normal and makes the job of the cleaners easier, but it may make you wonder exactly what a deep cleaning entails.

Deck wet after pressure washingAny deck, stained or not, needs to be thoroughly cleaned and power-washed on occasion before new layers of sealant and stain are added. Understanding the timing of the process will save you time and make sure things are handled correctly the first time.

High gutters need cleaningYou may not know this, however cleaning out your gutters is one of the most dangerous tasks related to home maintenance. Using a ladder can be hazardous as falling from no can lead to head injury, broken bones, or even death. For those of us who prefer to avoid ladders, it can be challenging finding a solution for gutter cleaning. The good news is there are several other options available to you. We’ll go over them today.

Messy houseEveryone enjoys being inside of a clean and organized home. The problem is that not everyone enjoys the process that goes into having a home that is spotless and pristine. That’s why having some tips and tricks to get started cleaning, as well as some ideas about how to get things clean fast, can be helpful.

Vinyl flooring in need of removalWhen it comes to home renovation, removing old vinyl flooring can be one of the most frustrating tasks. Because of how challenging this task can be, many homeowners choose to hire a profession to do the job. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, we’re going to break down the process for you.

Holes in yardHave you noticed holes popping up in your lawn or garden? If so, there are many things that could be causing them. Today we’ll look at what might be causing this lawn issue and what to do once you know.

House foundation in need of repairHaving your home's foundation repaired is a major process from beginning to end. Many people wonder what they can expect after a foundation repair, and we’ll answer those questions. We’ll also delve into what to expect before and during the repair to give you all the information you need.

Old Roof on a HouseThe length of time a roof will last depends on the material that it is composed of and what sort of weather you experience. We’ll look at that and more in this article.

June bug on a porchFrom late May until June, June bugs are often seen in gardens and lawns across the country. These insects, also called May beetles or June beetles, can wreak havoc on the plants that they feed on, leaving your lawn in a horrible state. They may also be found congregating on porches and other openings to the house. In this article, we will look at the best solutions for keeping these bugs out and protecting your shrubs, trees, and lawn from the pest.

Wood Fence - How long will it last?When you are considering installed a new fence, one of the most important things is knowing it will stand the test of time. The truth is that every fence is different, even when you are considering only wood fences. Read on to learn more about the factors that can impact the lifespan of a wood fence.

Common causes for power surges in homesThe reason power surges occur is because your home is experiencing a sudden jolt of high voltage electricity. Some surges are minor while others can be more severe. In this article, we'll go over the most common causes of power surges in homes.

Chimney in need of cleaningEvery year you should have your chimney inspected if only to ensure it is operating as it should be. Most homeowners should also go through with an annual chimney cleaning, especially if the fireplace is used on a regular basis.

Carpet smell after cleaningMany people wonder why carpeting smells worse after cleaning. There are a few reasons for this, as well as multiple solutions that can help fix the issue. Here’s what you need to know...

Stairs with laminate flooringWhile carpeting remains a great choice for many stairways, there are quite a few reasons to choose laminate instead. If you are unsure what to do with your stairs, here are some pros and cons regarding laminate flooring to consider.

House with high humidityDid you know that your home produces its own moisture, through any different ways? Cooking, washing clothes, bathing working out, and even breathing all cause moisture to be put back into the air.  So how do you know what is too humid, and what can you do about it?

Basement remodeling for older homesThere are many ways that you can transform a basement into something that not only gives you more space, but also increases the value of your home. In this article we will explore a few things to consider while you dream up your remodel.

Dog laying on carpeted floorIf you have a four-legged canine companion, you likely know that the love and friendship you get from your dog is worth a few messes here and there. But one of the things that dog-lovers often have to battle in the home is the carpet. We have some tips for keeping the carpet clean even in a dog-friendly household.

Musty smelling bathroomAs humans, we associate bad smells with warnings – and for good reason. Bad-smelling food is often expired and can harm you if you eat it. Bad-smelling chemicals are often toxic. But a bad-smelling bathroom is something that we all have to put up with from time to time.

A spider inside a homeThere are several reasons why you might be seeing spiders in your home. In fact, there are some reasons that your home could be the most attractive spot for spiders on your whole block! Find out how to keep your home spider-free.

Gurgling kitchen sink drainHearing a gurgling sound as water drains away can be more than just annoying – it can be a sign that you may soon have a bigger plumbing issue on your hands. Learn about two of the most common causes of this problem.

Brick patio in need of repairBrick patios are beautiful additions to many homes – but like all brick walls, they can have some maintenance needs. In this article, we will discuss three common issues and how to deal with them.

Dust in a houseThere are several reasons why a home may be extremely dusty, and luckily they are all things that can be addressed. Read about some common things to consider when trying to combat the dust in your home.

Home during WinterFor most of us, winter means being inside a lot more often...which means a lot more time spent getting the home a bit messier than usual. This checklist will help you maintain your fresh space without forcing you to spend all your spare time scrubbing the place.

A handyman is someone that can typically handle a wide range of work.  Most handymen appreciate the challenge of doing many different types of jobs. Learn about some of the things you can count on a handyman to do for you.

Dirty tile groutA common question about  grout is whether bleach can be used to clean up this unsightly staining. The answer is yes but there are other options we will talk about in this article too.

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