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  • Year Established: 2004
  • Homeowners Served: 1,000+
  • Number of Employees: 20
"CRC is the only contractor in Illinois with state-of-the-art technology used to raise concrete slabs with calibrated concrete slurry, which will guarantee a long-lasting and environmentally responsible solution. Our motto is 'Make it Better', and that is what we strive for with every project."

Ale Bizys, Director
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Ale Bizys, Director
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Homeowner Reviews

“The company not only did an excellent job with the driveway and walkway, they fully honored later warranty work. 100% satisfied.”

“They did the work but I noticed one of the pieces of concrete has dropped.”

“I would like to recognize the guys on the crew. They are the same crew that came out years before. I do not recall all of their names but they did an outstanding job. I had broken my foot and could not move the furniture off and back onto my porch. They did that for me. It was wonderful.”

“They were very polite, and I am very satisfied with the work done by CRC.”

“The customer service of the foramen was great. The guys in the back had to put some concrete down that needed to be smoothed out. I said I was going to do it, but they said they would. By the time they left the concrete was smoothed out. I had a noticeable gap from years of drifting. I always keep concrete to seal the holes in my driveway. I had to buy a pot of premixed concrete and smooth it out myself. That was wasn't great. The part I paid for was done. If you say you are going to do something, you have to do it. I would like to recognized the foramen for going above and beyond customer service wise.”

“No complaints. CRC professionally did what we needed to be done to our walkway and stairs.”

“I would like to recognize Hillary for her exceptional service.”

“They met my expectations with raising the concrete to the level that they said they would.”

“They did a great job. They cleaned up afterwards. The work is still maintained.”

“The service writer was really nice and efficient.”

“I had to have them back because the product failed the first time. When they came back, they repaired with a different product, and now it is beautiful.”

“They were timely, fast, and did a great job!”

“The estimator and the owner of the company was exceptional.”

“They exceeded my expectations.”

“They exceeded my expectations in the quality of the work performed.”

“They met or exceeded my expectations as they were professional, had a good website, and responded well on the phone.”

“CRC Concrete Raising and Repair did a nice job while they were there. After winter, every one of those cracks that were filled in had spiderweb cracks. I had to have the sidewalk torn up and installed a new one.”

“They did a horrible job and my sidewalk is still cracked. They do not stand behind their word. I will not use them again.”

“Everyone I dealt with at CRC was friendly, knowledgeable and professional”

“They do not do a good clean up after the work”

“The work performed completely remedied the sidewalk out of level condition. The issue I was unsatisfied with was lack of attention to detail due to the fence gate being splashed with concrete, not cleaned off and allowed to dry on the gate. Since my gate is rough hewn dark stained cedar it was permanently stained by the concrete and had to be restained after several efforts to clean it. This created expense and a full day of work to restore the finish.”

“They did a great job. Reasonably priced and quick turnaround time.”

“CRC is a great company with great people. They were responsive to my needs and their staff were very professional and helpful. The work completed was exceptional.”

“Quick and quality work completed.”

“CRC did great work and delivered what other companies couldn't promise, and CRC did it at a fraction of the cost. Our front sidewalk had sunk considerably and other companies were not confident that they could get it back to where it was. CRC did just that and the quality of work was excellent.”

“All the leveling was superb and I am very satisfied with their work with the exception above.”

“The crew was very rushed. I would have preferred they worked slower and more carefully. It rained a few hours after they left and washed out some of the concrete in the drilled and filled holes. I had to call them back to repair the damage. The holes look much more obvious than I thought they would. Also, I was assured that when the crew left my concrete slabs would not settle. I caulked between the concrete slabs and the house as directed by the crew boss. The slabs have pulled away from the caulk and house and have settled as much as 1" in spots. My concrete patio is better than before but not anywhere as good as promised.”

“Arrived on time for estimate. Arrived as anticipated for work. Did work per agreement.”

“Work done on sidewalk lifting.”

“I have used your company twice and have been very satisfied with the results.”

“Concrete Raising and Repair did a very fine job.”

“They did a great job, especially cleaning up after the work was done.”

“They were prompt and completed the work in a timely fashion. It looked very nice when it was done; I could see a difference.”

“The people who came and did the actual work were exceptional!”

“The company was very prompt and did a good job. They also gave me their recommendations on what else needed to be done with the concrete.”

“Everybody I talked to was top-notch!”


“The project turned out beet than expected”

“The whole team was very good. It started pouring out three-quarters of the way through, so I was impressed that they were motivated to keep going and glad they did well.”

“The gentlemen working were very prompt and on time. They were very accurate in what they were doing and very professional. After they were done, they cleaned up very nicely. I was very happy with what they did.”

“I was most satisfied that they did what they said they would do and I could tell they were experienced.”

“Job was successful”

“I would like to recognize the person that was in charge of the project.”

“As always you wish things cheaper.but was in ball park with other quotes”

“Salesperson and staff communicated well.Service people were on time as scheduled and did a great job. We are very pleased.”

“They all did a very good job.”

“I would like to recognize the foreman (he was not a scheduled worker, he was doing my neighbor's driveway). He was a super-nice guy. (He was not one of the workers, he was the guy in the truck.)”

“They met my expectations by doing a great job.”

“CRC Concrete Raising and Repair (formerly Viking Concrete Raising & Repair) exceeded my expectations. They did a nice job of raising it four and a half inches in 30 minutes!”

“The owner of CRC Concrete Raising and Repair (formerly Viking Concrete Raising & Repair) was wonderful. The workers were wonderful and showed up two weeks after work was completed for a follow-up. My husband and I are very happy with the work that was done.”

“I am satisfied with the communication, especially because I'm in a different state. He even went and got the permit from the village and put it on the house for us. The scheduling was also great, and it was a very professional experience all the way around.”

“I would like to recognize the entire crew at CRC Concrete Raising and Repair for their exceptional service. All of them were fabulous. They couldn't be nicer and more professional.”

“I would like to recognize the installation crew for their exceptional service. They were so nice and helpful.”

“I explained that we just got some new siding on the house and new front door. Your team took care to keep any concrete from getting on these new items.”

  • 224-458-4569
  • Year Established: 2004
  • Homeowners Served: 1,000+
  • Number of Employees: 20
"CRC is the only contractor in Illinois with state-of-the-art technology used to raise concrete slabs with calibrated concrete slurry, which will guarantee a long-lasting and environmentally responsible solution. Our motto is 'Make it Better', and that is what we strive for with every project."

Ale Bizys, Director
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Ale Bizys, Director
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  • Five Star Guarantee
  • In Business 10+ Years
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
Services Offered
CRC Concrete Raising & Repair provides concrete raising, stabilizing, and void filling services to residential, commercial, industrial, and community association customers in the Chicago metropolitan and Northern Illinois area at one-half to one-third the cost of concrete replacement. The CRC Way is a process that uses a premium Portland cement slurry to raise slabs and fill voids beneath them. This process results in a repair that is impervious to water, and therefore a more permanent fix. The slurry is pumped under pressure into small holes drilled through concrete slabs and displaces air pockets, water or water-saturated materials; fills all void areas under the slab; raises the slab; and leaves a firm, permanent subgrade. Our slurry was designed to handle a greater load capacity than the average clay soil, and yet have a lesser density than regular concrete. We also offer exterior caulking and foundation crack repair.
General Liability & Workers' Compensation
Warranties / Guarantees
Four-year warranty on concrete raising
Life-of-the-structure warranty on foundation crack repairs
CAI member, Illinois chapter
Best Pick Certified
A+ Rated with the BBB