• 972-455-8091
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Homeowners Served: 5,000+
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • License Number(s): TICL 489
"Our mission is to serve pool owners of DFW with excellence, whether it is cleaning the pool, equipment repair, or pool remodeling. Our goal is to serve with excellence and deliver integrity, professionalism, and a smile."

Matthew Dunshea, Owner
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Matthew Dunshea, Owner
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Homeowner Reviews

“All other areas.”

“Ease and efficiency”

“They are professional.”

“They were very professional and communicated on time. They would communicate whenever the service is due and any change in plans. If there were any changes, they worked with us. They had a very friendly staff.”

“The weekly cleanings exceed when Matthew does them.”

“The communications and value are GREAT”

“They did a great job! Everything was perfect!”

“Integrity Pools offers excellent high quality service.”

“I have already recommended them!”

“I don't have any complaints.”

“Integrity Pools live up to their name.”

“They met my expectations and maybe exceeded them with the quality of the service.”

“My pool looks great. I love the bench seat that they built for me with the umbrella holder in the middle. They always were professional and cleaned up every day.”

“I recommend them, they did the job and that's all I wanted.”

“They are always on time.”

“They are exactly what their name implies. They have a great deal of integrity and it is something I admire in the company. I am very happy with them.”

“Integrity Pools exceeded my expectations with their overall service and consultation about keeping our pool at the level that we want to keep it.”

“Integrity Pools was great.”

“They have met and exceed expectations at every turn!”

“They were always on time and answered my questions in a timely manner.”

“They quickly identify issues if something is not working right and their pricing is reasonable.”

“They met my expectations with the recurring weekly service which keeps things in top shape and the annual filter reconditioning which is always appreciated.”

“They guys were good, they know what they are doing. They solved the problem.”

“I am okay with the service. I had no significant issues.”


“The professionalism, the quality of technicians, and weekly service.”

“Communication, quality of work when process followed.”

“Their knowledge of the systems were very evident. This exceeded my expectations.”

“Everything seemed really good. The guy that came out was good and I was pleased with everything.”

“I am satisfied with the prompt service.”

“weekly schedule well kept”

“Professionalism of all work crews and very amicable people.”

“water quality is excellent”

“The company was sincere in its efforts to deliver a final product that met my expectations.”

“Met my expectations of showing up and communicating if late or not coming.”

“Integrity Pool service has overall been a good experience but sometimes is inconsistent due to changes in staff!”

“Best pool cleaning service ever and great customer service.”

“They have been very professional. They respond to my request whenever I have an issue with the pool. I have never had an issue with how the clean the pool or their response time.”

“Pool cleaning and weekly pool service.”

“They exceeded my expectations with communication and being very proactive when scheduling filter cleanings.”

“All, I'm very happy with them.”

“They are very thorough and always very clear and helpful when I have any issues with the equipment. They are also very transparent when it comes to what needs to be fixed and how much that would cost.”

“The tech that came out was really good. He explained the job very clearly and gave all the options available for consideration.”

“Everything was great!”

“I am satisfied the value.”

“I am really happy with Integrity Pools. They were friendly and responsive.”

“The pool guy that has been serving us since Day 1 is amazing. He set up our Polaris vacuum without hesitation and has been helping us whenever we have questions. He is not even getting paid for that. He is exceeding our expectations.”

“Josiah is really nice and has kept our pool in good working order.”

“They met or exceeded my expectations with the consistency of having the same service professional there for the weekly service most of the time, but sometimes there is a sub. When the regular guy comes it is great.”

“They meet or exceeded my expectations by alleviating that problem and doing their best to get rid of the algae from the other guy that didn't work with it.”

“They meet my expectations in all areas.”

“Their reliability is great.”

“They always meet my expectations.”

“They did a good job.”

“They always show up at the time then say. They are very detailed.”

“The quality of staff exceeded my expectations. They were respectful and very good to my wife. They communicated very well and everything went better than I expected!”

“They are extremely professional and the communication is stellar. We have never had any negative experiences with them.”

“Integrity Pools is responsive, they call when there are any problems with the pool, and they've always sent excellent technicians to take care of the pool. I referred them to my son, and he uses them now!”

“The routine chemical treatment exceeds my expectations.”

“Josiah is fantastic. He is very patient when we forget to unlock the back gate. He lets us know when we need to have something else done.”

“Professional and trustworthy, very experienced!”

“I have run into several issues with my pool and Integrity Pools has always worked with me and helped to find a reasonable solution.”

“While it's only been a few months, our pool tech has been very dependable. He is here consistently at the same time on a weekly basis. If I don't see him before he leaves, he leaves me a progress report to confirm that the pool has been checked and chemicals are balanced.”

“The pool is beautiful. I am very happy with the way the project turned out”

“Very good service.”

“Everyone I've had working on my pool has been friendly, professional and knowledgeable.”

“Friendly and Very professional with the initial meeting.”

“Prompt and answers my questions”

“courteous, thorough, prompt and responsive”

“You guys are great!”


“We were able to swim in the pool after staying away for a while because the pool looks so clean and inviting.”

“Thorough and clear communication throughout the project.”

“The plaster team were impressive.”

“Phillip the pool technician was very thorough and wanted to make things right.”

“They let us know ahead of time there was an issue with our pool instead of it breaking down and us having to make a call for repair. They were proactive in communicating known issues and took steps to ensure that our pool was still available to us when needed.”

“The pool cleaner exceeded my expectations.”

“Instant clear up of algae.”

“The staff is very good at returning phone calls and everyone seems very polite and professional. The pool cleaners are very good and always lock my gate when they leave so my dogs don't get out. I appreciate this so much!”

“Josh is our pool tech and is very knowledgeable and willing to troubleshoot to find out the real problem.”

“They met all my expectations.”

“They did a good job. We had them do the service and now they are taking care of my pool.”

“Their responsiveness and courteousness met/exceeded my expectations.”

“Integrity Pools met my expectations.”

“I was satisfied with the communication from Jean and the scheduler.”

“Courtesy and great work”

“Friendliness, Competence, All aspects of service and telephone team.”

“Noah is by far the best pool tech we've come across after using 3 different pool companies over the last 4 years. I'm in the real estate industry, and I recommend Integrity Pools to my clients and they are happy as well. Noah is very friendly, attentive, has great communication skills, and best of all, he doesn't cut corners. I Recommend your company, but especially Noah, 120%.”

“They are very friendly and on top of things. They point out items that need attention.”

“They are really attentive and show up on time. I have been using them for five years. I don't think they are overpriced, they do a good job, and they take care of everything reasonably. The only thing is the payment site is always messed up. I have to call them to make my payments. That should be a little more user-friendly.”

“Integrity Pools exceeded my expectations.”

“They provided outstanding service. They were reliable and we received excellent value.”

“The communication and cleanliness of our backyard pool area exceeded our expectations. Josiah even gave my dog treats with permission.”

“They are a great pool service. The staff is always dressed nicely. They are respectful. My pool looks great.”

“They do what is expected of them and they do what they say they will do.”

“They met my overall expectations other then in communication.”

“As a fairly new pool owner, I have been very impressed with each representative of Integrity Pools - from the front office staff to the on-location staff. They provide service and communication at the highest level!”

“I was satisfied with the contractors, salesman, and office staff.”

“They say what they do, and they do what they say.”

“They exceeded in every area.”

  • 972-455-8091
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Homeowners Served: 5,000+
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • License Number(s): TICL 489
"Our mission is to serve pool owners of DFW with excellence, whether it is cleaning the pool, equipment repair, or pool remodeling. Our goal is to serve with excellence and deliver integrity, professionalism, and a smile."

Matthew Dunshea, Owner
Principal Owners / Key Managers
Matthew Dunshea, Owner
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  • Five Star Guarantee
  • Licensed
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
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Swimming pool remodels
Pool plaster
Pool tile
Pool coping and stone
Pool cleaning
Pool equipment repair
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One- to three-year warranty depending on the item
A+ Rated and Accredited with the BBB
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