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Principal Owners / Key Managers:

Mike Kaleedi, Manager

Products / Services Provided:

Major Home Appliance Repairs; Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Makers, Dryers, Washers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Stoves, Garbage Disposals, Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs.
We service all major brands. We offer same day service.

Products / Services - Warranties / Guarantees:

90 days warranty on parts and labor
30 days labor warranty on service

Major US Appliance Repair, LLC Company Profile

Years in Business: Since 2005
Homeowners served : 20,000+
Number of Employees: 7
License Number: Contractor #: CN001837


General Liability
Worker's Compensation

Industry Awards / Acknowledgments & Association Memberships:

EPA certified
Certified technicians
Factory trained

Company Commentary...

“Major US Appliance Repair, LLC is a leading appliance service and repair company in VA and DC Metro areas. We provide fast, efficient and friendly service to maximize our customer satisfaction. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced with most brands of household appliances. It is our goal to provide you with the best quality service available in the field.”

Mike Kaleedi, Manager

Major US Appliance Repair, LLC in Virginia/Metro D.C.

Major US Appliance Repair, LLC Reviews

“My dryer stopped working and I was certain that I will have to buy a new one. A friend of mine recommended  them so I gave them a shot. The guys came over quickly and fixed the problem! It’s been more than a few weeks now and the dryer is still working perfectly. Their prices were very fair and the staff was friendly and professional. I would definitely call them again. Highly recommended!”

Mr. Isiah

“They are the best appliance repair company I came across in No.VA. I called them at 8 in the morning and got a knowledgeable person named John on the phone he told me some tips but I knew I couldn’t do it myself. He made an appointment and the tech was there on my door in the given window. Technician was polite and extremely professional got the job done on my refrigerator in 45min.”

Mr. Belladalios

“My dryer was broken, it was making a loud noise and not drying well. They came on time, the tech was sharp and fixed the dryer in no time. The price was fair, you pay for what you get! Great service overall.”

Mr. Samuel

“The expert was timely, friendly, efficient and did a great job! My refrigerator is generating cold temperatures again. The service was fantastic. Thanks!”

B. T.



Major US Appliance Repair, LLC
Five Stars
Rated: 5/5

For Details on Pricing, Warranties, Seasonal Offers, etc. call Major US Appliance Repair, LLC: 703-776-9181